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Government and education
“National Taiwan Normal University, or Shīdà, 師大, NTNU is widely recognized as one of Taiwan's elite higher education institutions.”
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“这家卤味的灯笼一直以来都是红通通地亮着,而且摊位总是围绕着满满人潮,甚至常挤到行人难以通行...灯笼卤味的食材选择相当丰富,王子面、鸡心、鸡腱、猪血糕、各类豆干、各式丸类、水晶饺、高丽菜、金针菇...饕客先拿篮子任挑任选,店家会将食材切料,再放进卤汤中热烫,灯笼卤味的汤汁为中药熬煮而成,使食材入味后捞起沥干,最后淋上特制卤汁再撒上葱末与酸菜,虽然价格不算卤味界最便宜的,但令人怀念的味道可是一点也没变。 This loquat lantern has always been brightly lit, and the booth is always full of crowds around, and even often pushed to pedestrians is difficult to pass”
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“European-style bakeries and patisseries. They stock a line of homemade jelly, jam, honey and peanut butter for this purpose. Not the usual Taiwanese sweet bread. No coffee though.”
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“When you think of a coffee shop, are you expecting a fancy one? The coffee culture is gradually deepening into our lives. Sugar man cafe is more like a place you could enjoy your time quietly, people reading or doing their work here, you don't have to worry about being disturbed.”
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