Unforgettable activities hosted by locals
  • Walking Tour: Old Town
    Hosted by Fran
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FOODY PINTXO HUNTING+market+Ham tasting by a Local Proud Basque
From Price:£83/person
Walking Tour: Old Town
From Price:£26/person
Cider house with guided tour and meal
From Price:£52/person
Top's pintxos (Gourmet) in San Sebastian
From Price:£75/person
Unique Local Chef Pintxo´s Class
From Price:£80/person
Chef Led Market & Pintxo Lunch Tour
From Price:£126/person
Visite guidée exclusive pour Français
From Price:£11/person
Secret Gastronomic Society & Pintxo tour
From Price:£109/person
Scooting around San Sebastian
From Price:£42/person
Rioja Wine Tour From San Sebastián and
From Price:£142/person
Running Tour Explore San Sebastian
From Price:£21/person
Chef Led Walking Pintxo Dinner Tour
From Price:£168/person
Top Four Bars for Food Lovers
From Price:£101/person
From Price:£126/person
Hiking on Mount Ulía
From Price:£50/person
Kayak / Sup ride in La Concha Bay
From Price:£47/person
Eating like an authentic Basque
From Price:£105/person
San Sebastian Food Tour @eatonefeedone
From Price:£100/person
Visita estilo free tour
From Price:£7/person
Eat pintxos where the locals eat pintxos
From Price:£63/person

Highly rated and just outside of Andoain

The authentic Bilbao basque food tour
From Price:£67/person
Frenchi's HappyTours
From Price:£27/person
⭐The High End Bilbao Food Tour
From Price:£72/person