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Parks & nature in Gauteng

“Excellent restaurants, movie theatres, casino, beautiful bird park Gets extremely busy on weekends”
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“The gardens are approximately 20 minute's drive (13km). This Botanical Garden was founded in 1982, but has been a popular venue for outings since the 1800's. The Garden has been voted the best place to get back to nature in Gauteng. You can enjoy this serene natural area with picnic areas, birdwatching & trails amid indigenous plants & wildlife.”
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Athletics & Sports
“Large Park with a parkrun on a Saturday morning. As with all South African parks don't go alone.”
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Other Great Outdoors
“This is the closest game drive from town, and only 40 minures from us. You get to see quite a good number of animals and you can either drive through with your own car or go along on one of their game drives. The reserve is also a conservancy for white lions which they breed and export to zoos overseas. The nice thing about this is that one can interact with cubs - a wonderful experience for all. In the park you will find the Wonder Caves, well worth a visit but you must be ready to go down many steps and crawl through a few tight spaces. Take a day out of your diary and go visit!”
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“This 76ha urban oasis is a pristine getaway from the nearby city. A visit to the Pretoria National Botanical Garden promises to be an exciting venture. ”
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“Activities include hiking, mountain biking, game drives and horse riding. There is also a popular 4x4 route on the reserve.”
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“The 81-hectare Botanical Garden form one of Johannesburg’s vital green lungs. The land for the gardens was set aside in 1969 – at the time it was a sports field and golf driving range consisting of bare veld and no trees. Now it consists of large, grassy, open spaces scattered with trees and used by runners, picnickers and dog walkers. It hosts the occasional concert season and kite-flying competitions. Visitors enjoy its special gardens – the Shakespeare Garden, the Rose Garden, the Herb Garden, a Hedge Demonstration Garden and the main arboretum, which houses family groupings of plants and trees of South Africa and the rest of the world. The gardens contain an attractive mix of bunched indigenous and exotics surrounded by lawns, overlooking the 7,5-hectare Emmarentia Dam, which dates back to the turn of the century, popular with canoeists and boaters. There is also a tea pergola and a floreum for meetings, shows and exhibitions. The dam is fed by two smaller dams above it, which are home to many aquatic birds. The park is fenced and gates at all the entrances are staffed by security guards.”
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“Out in nature experience in a fairly large nature reserve that covers about 4 000 hectares. Book a night- or day drive or day- or overnight horse trails”
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“A newly established park in Gauteng, the aim is to order. The SA wildlife experience much much closer to home.”
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African Restaurant
“Visit the Irene Dairy Farm, this farm was purchased in 1896 by Bertie van der Byl and renamed it after his daughter.”
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“Faerie Glen Nature Reserve is perfect for a comfortable to tough hike. One can also have a picnic if you like. There's a chance you will be enjoying your meal with zebras and springboks. Worth a visit. I think it's about R11 per person entrance fee. ”
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“The park has a great jungle gym for kids. It also has a popular walking trail, and outdoor gym equipment. Closes at 6pm”
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Other Great Outdoors
“-Melville Koppies Guided Tour - +27 11 482 4797. Melville Koppies, Melville (Parking opposite the entrance at Marks Park Sports Club, Judith Rd, Emmarentia). Every Sunday (alternating between 08:30 and 15:00 departures every other week). Melville Koppies is a Nature Reserve and a Johannesburg City Heritage Site. Its geology goes back three billion years. Stone tools show that Early Stone Age man camped here as long as 500 000 years ago. There is a Late Stone Age living floor. Within the last 1 000 years Iron Age immigrants arrived, and remains of their kraal walls can be found on the northern slopes. In 1963 an iron-smelting furnace was excavated and can be seen today. ”
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“Most Saturdays a parkrun draws more than 1000 people to this venue. The onsite restaurant is peaceful and a pleasant place to enjoy coffee in nature. ”
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“The Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre in South Africa was established in 1971, as a cheetah conservation project. The centre has continued to perform an important role in the preservation and protection of cheetahs and has bred over eight hundred cheetah cubs . Daily tours are available.”
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“Freedom park is situated on Salvokop in Pretoria. It includes a memorial with a list of names of those killed in the South African Wars, World war 1, World war 2 as well as guring the apartheid era. ”
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