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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

Shopping Centre
“ If you are looking for shopping please visit the Riviera Gallery on Kazimierza Gorskiego 2 street (2-3 km from house). This is the biggest shopping center in Poland (300 buttiks&shops with restaurants, Starbucks, cinema and gym).”
  • 42 locals recommend
Cosmetics Shop
“A must see, just walk toward the sea until you reach it. The most crowded tourist area, beside Długa Street in Gdańsk.”
  • 35 locals recommend
Water Park
“Miejsce dla rodzin z dziećmi, ale uwaga w sezonie może być dużo ludzi. Świat saun polecam dorosłym. Nice place for families with kids, but during summer time it might be full of people. Sauna world upstairs is quite nice for adults.”
  • 32 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“Music theater nearby the sea in Gdynia. I really like this place, but most of the spectacles are in polish, so check this before booking”
  • 23 locals recommend
Concert Hall
“Music and theater in the middle of the forest - worth the experience here though short concert”
  • 17 locals recommend
“Akwarium jest bardzo ciekawym miejscem - flora i fauna Bałtyku zainteresuje każdego, a z pewnością dzieci.”
  • 22 locals recommend
“Personal favourite (better than the one in Sopot, much more picturesque - and afterwards you can climb the Orlowo Cliff!)”
  • 20 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“Place, which hosts high-class equestrian, horse racing, and numerous recreational events.”
  • 12 locals recommend
History Museum
“One of the famous Gdynias museum (the emigration museum). It is about polish (but not only) emigration trips in the world. Building where is restaurant and museum was before (50-60 years ago) main terminal for passengers boat to New York in USA.”
  • 17 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“Along the boulevard you can find a lot of great drink bars. Every one is special. Some are silent, some with karaoke. Really recommended! ”
  • 17 locals recommend
Ski Area
“This is the perfect place for all who love winter sports. Ski resort has a length of 286 meters.”
  • 10 locals recommend
“Highest natural point of Gdynia Center helps you to see Gdanska bay and Gdynia Center beach.”
  • 16 locals recommend
  • 3 locals recommend
“They say it is an Iconic place but I'm not sure about it :) Some nice events, concerts - just check it yourself.”
  • 13 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Construction took first place in the ranking of the 50 strangest buildings in the world, published by the portal Village of Joy. Inside the building are restaurants, cafes, and clubs.”
  • 4 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Great food (Mediterrenean and International) in a nice atmosphere. Reservation for bigger groups is recommended.”
  • 14 locals recommend