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Food and restaurants in Guanabara Bay

Top restaurants

Japanese Restaurant
“Lapa is full of small and big bars, many with live music. One has to be a bit careful there, but it is great fun.”
  • 356 locals recommend
Music Venue
“If you want to party, you need to go to Lapa , a bohemian neighborhood in Rio. It is worth visiting for a taste of Brazilian night life. Rio Scenarium is a classic, you will be amazed by the decor, the music and the size of this place. A lot of ambientes to choose from. There is another place similar, called "Carioca da Gema " very nice too, located Avenida Mem de sa, 79. But, if i have to choose one I would go to Rio Scenarium. ”
  • 324 locals recommend
“Great place for an evening drink. Find a spot along the wall and get your beers and snacks from the bar. Lovely view, nice crowd.”
  • 239 locals recommend
Sandwich Place
“Delicious sandwiches in Copacabana. You can sit in the restaurant but I prefer the counter that opens onto Rua Barata Ribeiro. Open till 6am, so good for a post-drink snack.”
  • 169 locals recommend
Brazilian Restaurant
“Excellent restaurant in Santa Teresa. Pricy but a memorable experience, with a great city view. ”
  • 147 locals recommend
“This is the classic Brazilian “Rodizio”. The quality of the meat is fantastic, and it is a “all you can eat” type of restaurant. The view of the bay is very beautiful.”
  • 105 locals recommend
“Gema means "egg yolk" in Brazilian Portuguese, and the Carioca or Rio native is hence the "yolk" of the Rio de Janeiro egg. Carioca da Gema is a smaller and more intimate club and was one of the first Samba Dance Clubs to open in Lapa.”
  • 126 locals recommend
“Great restaurant in Santa Teresa. I strongly recommend the "pastel de feijão". It can get very crowded.”
  • 167 locals recommend


“We are a Café and Deli in Laranjeiras, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Since 2008 we serve breakfast, special sandwiches, wines, sweets, lunch and so on. All to the sound of good jazz or bossa nova. Oh, we have a children's area that kids love - and parents too ... We are partygoers and experts at parties and coffee breaks, with tasty sandwiches, quiches, salads, cakes, pies and other delicious things.”
  • 52 locals recommend
Salad Place
“24x7 restaurant, bar and pizzeria. Good for meeting friends or quick meals in the middle of the night.”
  • 18 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Great little coffee shop during the day, and super cool bar at night. A fantastic vibe, great coffee, great drinks, great music. ”
  • 20 locals recommend
French Restaurant
“Good concerts, mainly Jazz. Excellent bar called bar Paris, by far the most divers signature drinks in Rio. ”
  • 23 locals recommend
“Fantastic sour dough bread, but it's so much more than that, with fantastic lunch options, and brunch on the weekends. Go early if you want to go for lunch or on the weekend, as it gets busy quick.”
  • 15 locals recommend
Snack Place
“Popular juice bar with simple food like sandwiches, the famous acai sorbe and a million different exotic juices to choose from. ”
  • 16 locals recommend
“One of my favourite restaurants in Leme. Charming little place focused on vegetarian & organic food. Not being a vegetarian myself, I still really enjoy their dishes, especially the daily specials and breakfast (only in the weekend). Often live music and cosy atmosphere. ”
  • 19 locals recommend
“Um lugar delicioso para comer comida nordestina com um toque diferente. Vale para café da manhã, almoço e jantar.”
  • 15 locals recommend


Deli / Bodega
“Chegue com tempo, pois é muito concorrido, mas vale a pena. Arrive early because it is very crowded, but worth it.”
  • 40 locals recommend
  • 21 locals recommend
“Excelente padaria. Doces dos mais simples aos mais sofisticados.. Sorvetes, bolos, comida, lanches, etc... Padaria bem completa, sofisticadas, para clientes exigentes que estão dispostos a pagar um pouco mais caro, mas experimentar opções de muita qualidade.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Daily bakery serves breakfast, snacks and specialty bread varieties in casual, family atmosphere.”
  • 12 locals recommend
“Fantastic sour dough bread, but it's so much more than that, with fantastic lunch options, and brunch on the weekends. Go early if you want to go for lunch or on the weekend, as it gets busy quick.”
  • 15 locals recommend
Pastry Shop
“Bakery/Coffee shop - different kinds of bread - salt and sweet - you can have a nice breakfast in there or buy things to make your own. Delicious sugar bread!”
  • 12 locals recommend
Deli / Bodega
“Great place to have a nice breakfast / brunch. Also has a market with amazing quality food òtimo lugar para um café da manhã ou brunch. Tem no térreo um mercado com ótimos produtos desde comidas prontas até vinhos”
  • 12 locals recommend
“Not as famous as Confeitaria Colombo but worth a visit if you’re in Centro. Great coxinhas.”
  • 9 locals recommend