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Parks & nature in Halland County

Department Store
“Shopping shopping shopping. Cheap cheap cheap. At this huge shopping mall you will find all you need and don't need. Be prepared, it is always a lot of people at this place.”
32 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“Nice hiking especially during the summer where you can dive from the cliffs. ”
12 locals recommend
“It is a sheep farm where you can look at sheep, go on a sheep safari and visit a well stocked farm shop. It even has a restaurant and a coffee shop.”
17 locals recommend
Ski Area
“Great place to go in both summer and winter. Summertime you can walk to the top of this 300m high mountain, situated in the middle of a nature reserve. Then check out the moose park, high-level adventure trail, or the many hiking and MTB trails. In wintertime you can rent skis or snowboard and make use of their 10 pists and 6 lifts. There is a restaurant called Höganloft, which occasionally also arranges After Ski with live music, food and drinks. They also have an information desk to help you find lots of tourist destinations in the area. ”
11 locals recommend
“Fina omgivningar.. Titta närmare på deras hemsidor då det även finns sommar evenemang för vuxna och barn. Nice surrounding. Please check their homepage for summer events.”
9 locals recommend
“A wineyard in the woods of Sweden. Yes, weird but true :). They also have a under water sauna, a restaurant and more.”
6 locals recommend
“Några Km utanför Halmstad. Ett fantastiskt mysigt ställe. Ta en promenad in i skogen, tills ni kommer fram till "danska fallet". Där kan ni även ta med er picknick! ”
3 locals recommend
Surf Spot
“Barnvänlig, långgrund och mycket vacker strand. Det går att promenera en bit norrut, förbi klippor och vikar, mot Suseåns mynning. Det går också att promenera söderut till Ugglarp. ”
2 locals recommend
“Very cute organic café where they produce and bake everything them self. Lovely garden surroundings. Possibly bike ride to get there. website:”
5 locals recommend
“Vid Kallbadhuset och Varbergs fästning hittar ni den mest centrala badstranden Barnens badstrand.”
5 locals recommend
“On the peninsula Ölmanäshalvön's south western tip is Näsbokrok nature reserve. It has the typical coastal landscape which is so common in Halland with heather meadows, flat rocks and rubble-stone fields. In the marshy parts there is a great variety of plants. At the very tip there are 8 cairns from the Bronze Age (1500 - 500 B.C.), of which the largest is 20 metre in diameter and 3 metres tall. 20 km south of Kungsbacka. From the town centre, drive south on Varbergsvägen (road 939/the old E6) towards Åsa (alternatively E6 exit 58, and on towards Åsa). Just before Åsa, turn right at the sign "Hästholmen". Continue another 3 km on that road and turn left at the sign "Naturreservat 900 m". Coordinates: 57.3464546,12.0756423”
6 locals recommend
“Att gå strandpromenaden från Varbergs Fästning till Kusthotellet är nästan ett måste när du besöker Varberg. En vacker promenad längs havet där du kan stanna och bada på flera ställen.”
4 locals recommend
Harbour / Marina
“The quintessential fishing village with brick homes built along cobblestore streets. The village has a history of being a safe harbor for ships and a source of trade for the Bjäre inhabitants. However, the harbor has a unique history dating back to the Middel Age because of the Saint Thora, the patron saint of mariners. Today, the village is a popular summer destination and offeres a busy harbor with several restaurant, cafe and swimming options. From the harbor you can take the boat to the natural treasure Hallands Vaderö.”
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“Fantastiskt ställe att rasta barnen på samtidigt som föräldrarna kan få en god matbit och något gott i glaset! :)”
3 locals recommend
3 locals recommend