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Food and restaurants in Indische Buurt, Amsterdam-Oost

Top restaurants

Modern European Restaurant
“The meat is excellent in this restaurant, located on the ever-pleasant Javaplein. Vegetarians don't be afraid: as the name suggests, fortunately fish and vegetarian dishes can also be ordered here. ”
  • 280 locals recommend
Indie Cinema
“It’s my favourite spot to catch the sun and have a coffee with apple pie. But they also have great food and you can watch a movie. The funny side of this place, all workers earn the same from managers to waiters. For me it’s heaven to grab a coffee in the morning sun and watch people and daily life.”
  • 255 locals recommend
Modern European Restaurant
“Always a good admosphere, G&T's to die for, also food's available but I prefer a late night's drink there.”
  • 153 locals recommend
“Cafe and restaurant in what used to be a public bathing house in the old days :) with a great terrace ”
  • 149 locals recommend
At Bar Basquiat you are welcome for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner.
“In this street you will find a lot of restaurants, bars and outside terases.”
  • 68 locals recommend
French Restaurant
“(Public transport advised) In an old pumping station you can find a good restaurant. The menu is changing every season, so be surprised. Great terrace during summertime.”
  • 76 locals recommend
Australian Restaurant
“Australian owned restaurant. For a coffee, breakfast or lunch with lots of homemade sweets and other great stuff to try!”
  • 83 locals recommend
Thai Restaurant
“Definitely the best Thai in Amsterdam East (didn't check all of the thais in the West side :) Great.. great food!”
  • 52 locals recommend


At Bar Basquiat you are welcome for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner.
“In this street you will find a lot of restaurants, bars and outside terases.”
  • 68 locals recommend
“A still undiscovered gem of Amsterdam East. This old Dutch gin distillery, built around 1800 is hidden in the Flevopark. The owners produce around a hundred gins and liqueurs of their own, which you can taste in the Proeverij. You can sip a strawberry or apple gin on the small terrace overlooking the water. The place opens 3 till 8 PM, closed on mondays. The Flevopark itself is a pleasant park: you can swim in the large lake 'Het Nieuwe Diep', and get lost in the trees and wildflowers in the many small wood-gathered paths. ”
  • 77 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Coffee, breakfast, lunch and shopping (women's clothing and accessories) combined. Great spot to have a good coffee or healthy lunch, to find some trendy clothes, to read your newspaper or to have a chat with your friends. Lovely staff!”
  • 59 locals recommend
“Local coffee place for all your coffee needs! Also a great place to get some work done if needed. ”
  • 44 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Great Italian food! There's also a deli next to it for you to enjoy the Italian food at home. ”
  • 23 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“great Italian place , 8 euro for awesome lasagna, don't forget to try the amazing tiramisu”
  • 22 locals recommend
“They serve amazing Urban Asian Street Food. When you go there, try the sticky pork bum - Yummy! ”
  • 30 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“My fav coffee place. Here the neighborhood really blends in, just like the furniture ;) ”
  • 16 locals recommend


“Lovely bakery (one of the best on the Eastside) for your fresh bread in the morning :)”
  • 24 locals recommend
Dessert Shop
“'Her Cake's Majesty' is about the translation of this lovely tea and cake place just around the corner on Javastraat. Delicious sweet treats, nicely decorated inside, lovely small terrace outside.”
  • 9 locals recommend
“Ambrozijn is a unique shop that sells great local cheeses and exquisite wines. Maybe if you drop our name you'll get a small extra”
  • 9 locals recommend
  • 4 locals recommend
  • 1 local recommends