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Parks & nature in Côte d'Ivoire

“Banco A huge forest reserve very close to the heart of the city and even close to Les Chambres du Prelat. The perfect place to be at the end of a business trip for birdwatching. Some say that it's like being on holiday in a faraway natural haven. Monkeys, butterflies, and bird around, a lot of impressive trees. A must see for nature lovers. Tickets + guide recommendation. Groupe rate available. Please enquire”
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African Restaurant
Harbour / Marina
“Livraison à domicile : Poisson : 08970854 (Roger) - 09942027 (Rodrigue) Boisson : 06952544 - 57313101 Viande : 48207210 (Ernest) Poulet : 57422256 - 02436328”
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