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Best parks in Kaneohe

Botanical Garden
“One of O'ahu's most beautiful and expansive botanical gardens! The garden sits just below the Ko'olau mountains and has an incredible amount of botanical diversity from around the world! Heavy rain during your stay?? GO HERE, and enjoy unobstructed views of numerous waterfalls! Tip: wear mosquito repellant or long sleeves/pants. ”
50local recommendations
“very nice and well maintained garden with two loops you can hike. Both are short, one much shorter than the other, and great for all groups and even kids. This place is peaceful and relaxing. The loop on this hike also connects to another trial that goes up along the ridge line and is much longer and more challenging. It eventually takes you to an overlook of the Kapa'a quarry. That hike is not good for kids, and is about 2 hours or a little more round trip. Several steep sections that can be slippery. ”
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Botanical Garden
“Our only fresh water lake and preserve on the island with miles of good hiking trails, bbq, serene, peaceful, variety of plants, most of them are labeled. We often film our TV Series there.”
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