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Top places of worship recommendations from locals

“People actually hang out here :) Find the graves of some of the most famous Danish personalities Located on Nørrebro”
  • 1073 locals recommend
“Listen to the church bells ringing (they play melodies). Climb up to the top of the spire (if you dare...!) and enjoy the view.”
  • 156 locals recommend
Capitol Building
“Christiansborg Palace houses the Danish Parliament, but also some beautiful areas used for representative purposes, for instance when heads of state visit Denmark. The public can get access to the representative areas including the tapestry, the ruins under the palace, the royal kitchen and the palca church. Christiansborg Palace is known for its tapestry. Moreover, the tower on the top of the building has been opened for sightseeing and there is a small restaurant there (Tårnet) with traditional Danish open sandwiches or smørrebrød. ”
  • 81 locals recommend
“You can walk all the way to the top of the golden tower, the last floors are walked outside with a terrific view”
  • 111 locals recommend
“This is place is both an interesting architectural church as well as a fantastic view of the city and the Sea.”
  • 34 locals recommend
Doctor's Office
“Beautiful building and beautiful view towards the queens castle Amalienborg.”
  • 58 locals recommend
“The mood here during autumn is like no other place in Copenhagen, really. Plus - it's hard to believe that this is actually just a stone's throw from the vibrant and pulsating Vesterbro neighbourhood.”
  • 72 locals recommend
“Grundtvigs church is very impressive. Gothic medieval look built in bricks in 1930 ”
  • 70 locals recommend
“This is a must visit, but only a must, when the cherry trees blossom🌸 in the spring time🙂”
  • 60 locals recommend
“Founded in 1191 and rebuilt three times after devastating fires, Copenhagen's neoclassical cathedral dates from 1829. Designed by CF Hansen, its lofty, vaulted interior houses Bertel Thorvaldsen's statues of Christ and the apostles, completed in 1839 and considered his most acclaimed works. In fact, the sculptor's depiction of Christ, with comforting open arms, remains the most popular worldwide model for statues of Jesus. In May 2004, the cathedral hosted the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik to Australian Mary Donaldson. Hours 8am-5pm, closed during services & concerts ”
  • 32 locals recommend
“Monumental cathedral which also serves as the burial site of most of the Danish royalty. On the UNESCO list of world heritage.”
  • 27 locals recommend
“The church tower placed in the dunes tells the story of Skagen. The city was fighting the drifting sands for years and the town had to be moved. Sct. Laurentii Church as abandoned and only the spire remains... in nature.. incredible. ”
  • 6 locals recommend
“Vor Frue Church is located in Kalundborg's old town called High Town. The church was built in the early 1200s, probably around 1220, by Ingeborg, the daughter og Esbern Snare.”
  • 4 locals recommend
  • 2 locals recommend
“Many movies have been recorded here .... due to the very long "path" to the church”
  • 8 locals recommend
“City church, in the middle of town. From here you'll reach the whole city, with shopping streets, restaurants and sightseeing.”
  • 5 locals recommend