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Best things to do in Kyiv Oblast

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Pedestrian Plaza
“Famous street where you can find variety of souvenirs, and also some local crefts and rare things. Must visit!”
37 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Only 2km away - easy to get to by Uber. Brand new shopping mall with food and multiplex. Great for a rainy day.”
40 locals recommend
“This is a city park near to Tarasa Shevchenko university. Don`t hesitate to lay down on the grass, or play chess with old man`s (be careful, they play well).”
28 locals recommend
“The Holy Dormition Kiev-Caves (“Kiev-Pechersk”) Lavra is the first and the most ancient monastery on the territory of contemporary Ukraine. At present, only three monasteries are endowed with the status of “lavra” and all are consecrated in honour of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, they are: Kiev-Caves Lavra, the Pochayiv Lavra and the Holy Mountains (“Svyatogorsk”) Lavra. This bears witness of the special veneration of the Most Holy Mother of God by our Orthodox people and is a testimony of the close ties between the monasticism of Kievan Rus and the ancient skete of the Dormition on Mount Athos. The monastery was founded in the mid-11th century by the venerable Anthony and Theodosius of the Caves (of “Pechersk”). The incorruptible relics of more than 120 saints currently rest in peace in the caves of the monastery. Some of the saints (“God-pleasers”) are known all over the world such as venerable Nestor the Chronicler, the venerable Ilya of Murom (his amazing feats of strength continue to be recounted in folk tales. He wasn’t a fictitious fairy-tale character but a real-life bogatyr-warrior, who actually existed and who later on took monastic vows) and the venerable Agapit of the Caves, the unmercenary physician. For over a millennium, innumerable miracles and healings have occurred as a result of the many prayers that have been said to all the venerable fathers of the Kiev-Caves. ”
42 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Top brands for women, men and children, home comfort, sports and travel + entertainment such as cinema, bowling, children center, as well as concerts, exhibitions and autograph sessions of the stars. ”
19 locals recommend
“The oldest cathedral. Was built in 1011-1037 years. Tickets include free excursion.”
26 locals recommend
General Entertainment
“In Arena city you can find a lot of restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs. ”
26 locals recommend
“That's quite a romantic place in the evening with all the musical fountains. ”
20 locals recommend
“Cool and quiet park in city centre. Were we have celeb=rated our wedding day )))) ”
17 locals recommend
Skating Rink
“Really cool place, it's decorated in a lot of styles (greek, chinese, hollywood area, etc.)”
12 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“SHOPPING FOR ANY BUDGET Recent brands for women, men and children, comfort, sport and travel. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Cinema, bowling, children's entertainment center "HuliveriYa" as well as concerts, exhibitions and autograph sessions stars. SERVICES Beauty salon, bank, supermarket, car wash and more - all for your comfort. RESTAURANTS 3 15 conceptual restaurants and institutions with varied cuisine. ”
18 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“I recommend this place as contemporary art museum with exhibitions of famous young artists from Ukraine and all over the world. There is a white cafe on the top floor where you can enjoy city spirit. ”
21 locals recommend
“The main stadium of Ukraine "NSC Olympic" (30 km away from my house). May 26, 2018 on the field of the NSC "Olympic" will be the final of the UEFA Champions League 2018.”
30 locals recommend
“The main street of Kyiv. Monumentalism architecture, a lot of tourists, cafes, shops.”
12 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Можно найти все необходимо: начиная от одежды и заканчивая продуктами. Есть фудкорт.”
7 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“Huge metallic statue Mother Motherland. Echo of soviet union monumentalism. Near the museum of world war 2. ”
19 locals recommend