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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

Mini Golf
“I am in the green. Wind 5mph to the east. Slight 10-degree angle downhill. Now, maybe if I just ricochet this off the cave wall hard enough… Located in Kilauea on the North Shore is Kauai Miniature Golf and Botanical Garden. It is the only mini golf course on the island. For those that have yet to test their putting game in this 18-hole course, there will undoubtedly be preconceived notions of mini golf being somewhat of a wacky carnival experience. Instead, you find yourself surrounded by greenery. As you make your way through the 18 holes you receive an introductory course on the diverse history of the islands. Visitors will learn about the Polynesian discovery of the islands, indigenous gardens containing endangered species, Zen gardens showcasing the influence of the Japanese and Chinese during the plantation period, and some insight on the plantation town that was alive and thriving in Kilauea in the late 1800’s. Do not let the garden scenery discount the fun of this course. You begin the first hole with a simple, short, straight line putt. Easy enough, right? Well, as you progress so does the difficulty. Add ponds, curves, elevations, and obstructions that will test one’s shot creativity. Take hole 16, for example. The path bends left with a dip, but there is also a small log tunnel that creates a straight shot to the hole. From personal experience, if you’re going to “Shooter McGavin” your way through that shortcut, don’t be bashful with it. You don’t want your ball stuck in the tunnel, especially now that your friend knows exactly what not do and reminds you of the losing bet you made at the start of the game. The entire course is fit for every one of all ages and skill levels. Bring a friend, a date, even your family. It’s first come, first served, so no time to waste. Be prepared to fish your ball out the water. Trust me. ”
  • 18 locals recommend
“Really fun place to go for easy breakfasts...snacks...also a great place to get pizza...”
  • 29 locals recommend
“Great local plates of fresh fish or teriyaki chicken or pork. Outdoor seating in a courtyard surrounded by local shops.”
  • 24 locals recommend
“Great fresh fish and totally awesome drinks. Very friendly service and nice clean establishment. Don't miss this one! Prices reasonable too. You won't be disappointed!”
  • 14 locals recommend
Clothes Shop
“Kong Lung Trading offers an original and ever-changing selection of gifts, home décor, personal accessories, and apparel presented in an uplifting, fine-design atmosphere.”
  • 7 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“Also known as “Secret Beach” or “Secrets.” Steep trail down but a jaw dropping sandy beach scene!!! Truly beauteous and unforgettable!!! Rough water in winter though...but still worth going down to enjoy the sand and to stroll around. ”
  • 11 locals recommend
“Great vibe, intimate setting and yummy food and wine! It's just a short drive to Kilauea. Reservations are accepted and recommended. ”
  • 10 locals recommend
“Quality coffee, dynamic teas, epic treats. Organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw. We think they have the best Chai tea lattes we've every had and killer little raw peanut butter desert.”
  • 8 locals recommend
“Mini golf course with amazing botanical gardens, playgrounds and more. Also walking and biking paths nearby...yummy chocolate place right there...and activity and movie nights. ”
  • 6 locals recommend
Grocery or Supermarket
“Great place for smoothies, coffees, salad bar — also a fabulous meet-up spot. :)”
  • 8 locals recommend
Juice Bar
“Pure cold pressed juices — pre-made...ready to go. Other healthy eats, too. ”
  • 7 locals recommend
Grocery or Supermarket
“Dont leave Kauai without trying a frosty.. its only frozen fruit but they run it through a juicer to make it soft serve ice cream.”
  • 3 locals recommend
Home Goods Store
“Curated by a man on a mission to find the coolest sh*t possible, Hunter Gatherer is a gallery, a life style store, and a gift givers gold mine.”
  • 6 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“We love this beach, it's usually not very crowded and has a beautiful little hike down to it.”
  • 7 locals recommend
“A blend of high end designers and also local designers. This is my favorite place to shop and walking distance. Good place to buy gifts, something special for yourself or jewelry made by Honey!”
  • 2 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Small, historic shopping center with boutiques, soap shop, bakery and restaurant. ”
  • 5 locals recommend