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Best things to do in Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem

“Very nice park for walk and visit, also there is a nice coffee place at the park (“Gan sipur”), ”
61 locals recommend
“ Cinema city has a movie theater as well as some shopping and restaurants. There is a bible exhibit on the roof with free entry. This is a great place for families on a rainy day or any time!”
16 locals recommend
Local Government Office
“The Israeli Parliament! Free tours on Sundays and Thursdays in various of languages. ”
24 locals recommend
Bus Station
“The central bus station is the place to go if you are looking to take a bus in and out of jerusalem. Feel free to contact me and I'll help you find excactly the bus you need!”
15 locals recommend
“This is Where the train is and the Center of town. Food, errands and whatever you need.”
10 locals recommend
“It's right next to the Israel Museum, and you can see both in one day. Focuses on the history and archeology of places mentioned in the Bible.”
2 locals recommend
“Easy transport for every part of the country. Has restaurants, banks and stores. From the station you can get a bus or the light train to any part of Jerusalem.”
11 locals recommend
“on the hill of saker park there is a hidden birds observatory that is open all day, and watch the local birds.”
2 locals recommend
“(Hebrew: Beit HaMishpat HaElyon) is at the head of the court system and highest judicial instance in Israel. The Supreme Court located in Givat Ram.”
4 locals recommend
“Interactive and educational museum presenting fun exhibits and featuring indoor and outdoor activities around sciences and technology.”
4 locals recommend
“One of the sweetest-smelling gardens in the country, the Wohl Rose Park sits in the middle of the government complex in Givat Ram, at the foot of the Supreme Court and directly opposite the Knesset. Built in 1981, this 19-acre public garden boasts 15,000 rose bushes representing more than 400 varieties. It was named one of the 11 most beautiful rose gardens in the world. Wohl also comprises expansive lawns, hills, quarries, an ornamental fishpond, waterfall, sculptures and a sixth-century mosaic floor Reach via busses: 75 to Sukenion\Agripas, switch to 66 to Supreme court\Zussman ”
5 locals recommend
Rental Car Location
1 local recommends
Italian Restaurant
“theres a great falafel place on the second floor of the comertial building right above the supermarket. remeber it is close on holiday and shabat. friday everything shuts down at 3 pm”
3 locals recommend
“NEW CINEMA CITY-The eight-floor 20,000-square meter entertainment complex, located on the site of the National Car Park across the street from the Supreme Court, has 19 screens,”
1 local recommends
Point of Interest
“The result of award-winning architectural design, the Chords Bridge is an amazing structure to see. You can walk from end-to end on the walkway. The peak points to the location of the Jewish temple.”
2 locals recommend
1 local recommends