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Best things to do in Klungkung Regency

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Natural Feature
“Nusa Lembongan sits southeast of Bali, easily overshadowed by its larger sister island, Nusa Penida. The islands don’t get as much tourist traffic as Bali although, in recent years, Lembongan has seen a rise in visitors. Travelers looking for a slower pace and uncrowded spots will find their welcome here. It’s possible to walk the charming and rural 8km2 Lembongan in a day, although bicycles and motorbikes are widely available for hire. Scuba diving and snorkeling are rewarding in the rich turquoise waters of Lembongan teeming with life with many large marine animals. Locals have managed to protect their reefs from dynamite fishing, and in 2012 the islands were established as a marine conservation district. Dive at Blue Corner or Jackfish Point for a good diving experience. Surfing at spots such as Shipwreck, Lacerations, and Playground is top notch and popular with tourists on the island thus waves can get a bit crowded, but a trip to any of the several uncrowded white sand beaches afterward can wash your worries away. Lounging on the sand by the northwestern coastline can provide fantastic views of Bali and Mount Agung in the distance. On the island, 85% of the population engages in seaweed farming, mostly to produce carrageenan. Make friends with the locals and ask them more about it if you’re interested, as it is the major livelihood on Lembongan. ”
24 locals recommend
Hindu Temple
“Is one of the most spectacular temples in the world. Built in front of a cave atop te coastal cliff, the beautiful temple overlooks the ocean. ”
6 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“A great place to see the sunset, you will see big waves breaking rocks. Capture beautiful moments to watch the sun set with family, friends or with loved ones. Sunset around 5;30 PM, don't miss it.”
5 locals recommend
Point of Interest
1 local recommends
Natural Feature
“Nusa Penida is a small picturesque island situated in between Bali and Lombok, famous for its rugged coastline and scenic view atop Kelingking Beach. It’s close enough to visit even for just a day, but many will want to stay on this enchanting island for more to see the rest of its amazing sights. Take a dip in the natural infinity pool at Angel’s Billabong and marvel at the natural pools and cliff arches at Broken Beach. Bring out your snorkeling gear to explore underwater at the aptly named Crystal Bay. Bring out your best Indiana Jones impression and visit the Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave, a unique underground temple inside a 300m cave. Atuh Beach is blessed with white sand and stunning cliffs with striking rock formations. Make the climb to Peguyangan Waterfall and see more dazzling cliff coastline alongside a sacred temple and waterfall. Interact and snorkel with majestic manta rays at Manta Bay. Travelers will hardly run out of activities in Nusa Penida with all the extraordinary sights and beaches to experience on the island.”
17 locals recommend
Bed & Breakfast
“Yellow bridge is a symbol of Love and its connected Lembongan and Ceningan island”
5 locals recommend
“White Sandy Beach, snorkeling possible, restaurants, massages, sun loungers available ”
12 locals recommend
Indonesian Restaurant
“Local food! Beach front, feet in the sand. Go for dinner... fresh seafood! We love the calamari and the jacket fish! ”
2 locals recommend
Administrative Area Level 3
“Bali’s Sidemen (pronounced Si-da-men) sprawls across an enchanting valley and not only offers a magnificent landscape of terraced hills overshadowed by Gunung Agung, but here you can connect with traditional village life and recharge away from the trappings of the tourist hustle and bustle elsewhere.”
7 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“this place is one of the big park to show you the traditional house all from Indonesian propinscy. and also the park of art and culture of austronesian building style mostly made from wood. ”
4 locals recommend
Administrative Area Level 4
“This is one of the original villages in Bali - the original people. Worth a look.”
13 locals recommend
Point of Interest
1 local recommends
Natural Feature
3 locals recommend
“Excellent beach club for dinner or all day hang out. The hippest place on Lembongan.”
6 locals recommend