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Best things to do in Ladadika, Thessaloniki

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Historic Site
“The old watch tower, turned prison, turned museum is the emblem of Thessaloniki.”
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“Following the most popular shopping street of Thessaloniki, Tsimiski Avenue, right after Platia Eleftherias (Freedom Plaza), you will discover “Ladadika” district, a beautiful walkable area which is one of the favorite destinations for both local and tourist visitors and the city’s college community. Ladadika is one of the hot spots of Thessaloniki when it comes to entertainment. It is located in a central area right opposite to the port’s central gate and within a five-minute walk from Aristotle’s square. The colorful buildings are two-story with wide, rectangular windows and, along with the paved alleys, they exhale the spirit of old Thessaloniki. Here the old merges with the new. Great music, food and chill atmosphere Beautiful Bistro’s and cafes, bars and pubs, clubs and after can be found all over Ladadika The word Ladadika literally means the shops that sell oil and its products. The area used to be the central market and bazaar of the city during the ottoman occupation or even earlier. It was also known as “Egyptian Market”. It hosted numerous shops and stores but since the Great Fire of 1917 and afterwards, it began to decline and some decades later only the oil selling shops remained open. This was until the late ’70s when the area was fully abandoned. In 1985 it was declared a historical monument by the Ministry of Culture; the entire area was protected by law in order to preserve its original style and character. Ladadika soon came back to life, when small taverns, bars and restaurants opened and reoccupied the once abandoned and now renovated old buildings and welcomed the locals and tourists of all ages. Experiencing Thessaloniki’s nightlife The colorful historic buildings and the traditional small plazas turn Ladadika into one of the most beautiful destinations Since the 1990s, the local restaurants and taverns used to be well known for their cheerful, friendly and vibrant atmosphere; even on weekdays and noons the spontaneous dances and small parties between locals and tourists were frequent and the alcohol flowed.. Nowadays, despite the financial crisis, Ladadika still feature one of the most frequently visited places of the city both by locals and by visitors. Espresso bars, coffee shops, tavernas, beer stores and so on can be found here. The colors, sounds and smells of Ladadika will give you a fair taste of Thessalonian entertainment. The entire area is for pedestrians only, thus giving you the chance to take your time, walk around and take a look until you spot the perfect place for you. Make sure you don’t miss Ladadika during your stay in Thessaloniki. If you’d like to discover some similar destinations, be sure to check Valaoritou district and Bit Bazzar as well! While most destinations are considered reasonable and affordable, there are certain places that are more expensive than the average. Looking for quality accommodation near Ladadika? Check our accommodation offers! ”
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“Aristotle Square is one of the central squares of Thessaloniki. It starts from the semicircular buildings to the north of Mitropoleos Street, which crosses it to this point, and continues up to Niki Avenue, in the sea. The square is a popular spot for tourists and locals, with many refreshments and cafes and is a place for political gatherings and various artistic events. The above imposing buildings of Mitropoleos street house a hotel and the cinema "Olympion".”
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“The biggest shopping street in the north half of greece, with brands from around the world!”
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“You can enjoy your drink or lunch here right next to the seafront in a nice environment with all the old seaside in front of you. Tip: They offer free parking in their establishment! You should expect to pay around 5 € for coffee, 5-10 for drink and 20 for lunch, approximately.”
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Gourmet Shop
“Greek cuisine and delicatessen in one big place. Interesting experience!”
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“The Paleo – Christian temple of Agia Sophia is one of the most impressive Byzantine churches of Thesaloniki. Located in the center of the city as well, it is a very beautiful “Domed Basilica” style temple with an imposing architecture, beautiful wall paintings and elaborate mosaics. Having a 1600 years old history, it can easily be considered one of the most important religious sites in Macedonia. The earliest written reference about the structure goes back to 795 A.D., while we can safely assume due to archaeological evidence that another Christian temple existed there, until the destructive earthquake of 620 A.D. An architectural masterpiece in the center of Thessaloniki In terms of religious art, perhaps the most interesting period is the one including the dark years of the Iconoclastic wars. These wars revealed the deep social, religious and financial problems within the Byzantine society during the troubled 8th century A.D. The majority of the wall paintings are dated back to 11th century A.D., while the sculptural decoration of the temple was finalized after several phases. After the Fourth Crusade in 1205 the structure was used as a cathedral by the crusaders, while during the Ottoman invasion in 1430 the church was converted into a mosque. It remained a mosque, until the city’s liberation in 1912. The temple of Agia Sofia is one of several city’s monuments included as a World Heritage Site on the UNESCO list, in 1988. Thessaloniki is considered one of the most important destinations in the world when it comes to Paleochristian Byzantine temples. Like several other monuments of the city, the temple was significantly damaged because of the 1917 fire and was afterwards gradually restored. The restoration of the dome was finally completed in 1980. Church of Agia Sofia, Thessaloniki. The decoration of the interior, especially the mosaics and frescoes makes this place of worship one of the finest in Greece. Round the plaza we can find various worth seeing places, whether you are interested in shopping, having a drink, or just enjoying your coffee. Some of the city’s famous shopping streets are within a small walkable distance from Agia Sofia square. Heading west, you will discover the city’s central plaza of “Aristotelous”, a place surrounded by interesting buildings with beautiful architecture and one of the favorite destinations for the majority of the local residents. ”
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“If you feel like having brunch or breakfast. There are all sorts of interesting food choices there and we love it. ”
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“A spot where you can enjoy you coffee, wine and have some really good dishes (asparagus risotto is our favorite) ”
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“The host of the film festival of Thessaloniki as well as many other themed festivals, a great choice for less mainstream movies”
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“the best dessert and bakery shop in town. Everything is top quality. Also serves salads and food. 24 hours”
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“Open market with fish, meat and local produce. Flower markets as well. Beautiful place to explore.”
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“Go and buy Tsoureki from there!!!! It’s something like a cake, and even though I hate cakes, I love this pastry.”
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“One of the most beautiful corners of the city of Thessaloniki, a square you should take the time to visit, walk around and enjoy your coffee or ice-cream.”
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Department Store
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“The square dates back to the Roman period of the city, with the ruins of the palace of Galerius located within it. The square is beside the "Hippodromus Square", where the Massacre of Thessalonica took place during the reign of Theodosius I. Today Navarinou is a popular meeting place, mainly amongst the student population of the city. Hot info: My father painted the plan of the archeological side on the side of the building on top of the square!!!”
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