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Explore Lake Maggiore

Parks & nature in Lake Maggiore

“Incredible garden, very nice experience in every season, overall in springtime”
80 locals recommend
Art Museum
“minimal american art collection in a 17th century villa.. just breathtaking!”
23 locals recommend
“13 km da Quartino-Gambarogno. Relax con piscine e spiaggia sul lago maggiore.”
19 locals recommend
“Luogo ideale per una gita all'aria aperta con tutta la famiglia, Villa Pallavicino, a Stresa, offre uno dei panorami più celebri di tutto il lago”
21 locals recommend
“Sehr schöner Wanderort mit vielen Möglichkeiten für sportliche Aktivitäten. Ebenfalls empfehlenswert für Kinder.”
13 locals recommend
“the most magical place on the maggiore lake! you can see Arona and the lake from the cliff and visit the ruins of the old stronghold”
19 locals recommend
“The Regional Park of Campo dei Fiori is one of the largest nature parks in the Varese area. It borders to the north and west on the Cuvia Valley, to the east on the Ganna Valley, and to the south on the state road from Laveno Mombello to Varese, the perfect departure point for a visit to the Park.”
15 locals recommend
“Public gardens of Varese; a perfect union between Italian and French style. Free entry from 8 am to 11 pm. ”
12 locals recommend
“Protected naturalistic area, 473 hectares wide, with the enchanting natural richness of its woods, meadows, pools and marshes and its fascinating archaeological itinerary leading to two necropolises.”
11 locals recommend
Nature Preserve
“very unique park with many little lakes to visit, perfect for hiking and nature lovers”
8 locals recommend
“a natural balcony on the lake, with a nice botanical alps garden (boat to Carciano then cableway to Alpino)”
10 locals recommend
“The Lido Ascona, with its 40,000 square metres of park shaded by ancient trees, is one of the largest beaches in Switzerland. Restaurants, bars, sports facilities and much more provide plenty of opportunity for fun or more secluded relaxation.”
4 locals recommend
“The resulting garden-park, laid out in the Italian and English styles, opens into a main entrance avenue that goes up to the the belvedere hill which gives an excellent view over fountains”
7 locals recommend
“Beach in the center of Maccagno, 3 minutes walk from Golfo Gabella. From the beach you can see the Castles of Cannero that are on the other side of the lake on the Piedmont shore. The pebble and grass beach is one of the largest on Lake Maggiore. The beach is equipped with baths and showers and nearby you can find a basketball court, beach volleyball court, skate park and a playground for children. You can spend the whole day and have a picnic just a few steps from the lake under the shade of many plants. In summer there is a kiosk with bar service, pizzeria and restaurant”
2 locals recommend
“Die Bolle di Magadino, zwischen der Mündung der Verzasca und Magadino, sind eine Landschaft von naturwissenschaftlich anerkanntem Wert (IPP, 1802) Die Bolle di Magadino, eine der neun Auenlandschaften, denen die Schweizerische Akademie der Naturwissenschaften internationale Bedeutung zuerkannte, umfassen das Deltagebiet der Flüsse Ticino und Verzasca am Maggioresee. Die Bolle beherbergen eine besondere, für das Übergangsgebiet zwischen Wasser und Festland eigentümliche Pflanzen- und Tierwelt. Dank der Errichtung von Naturlehrpfaden ist es möglich, die Bolle zu besichtigen, ohne ihre natürlichen Bewohner allzu sehr zu stören oder zu beschädigen. Alle Jahreszeiten eignen sich für einen Besuch der Bolle: wenn Schnee liegt, sieht die Landschaft geradezu märchenhaft aus! ”
4 locals recommend
“La storia di Villa Giulia è strettamente collegata alle vicende della famiglia Branca. La palazzina fu fatta costruire nel 1847 da Bernardino Branca, l'inventore del Fernet. Divenne poi il Kursaal. E' oggi sede del Centro ricerca Arte Attuale, ospita regolarmente mostre ed esposizioni.Villa Giulia è utilizzata anche per convegni, concerti e manifestazioni culturali mentre il giardino è adibito a parco pubblico.”
4 locals recommend