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Top garden recommendations from locals

“A true paradise in the middle of the city, this is a great hangout spot for families. In the summer, it sometimes has live music.”
  • 217 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“The Botanical Garden of Ajuda is located in the parish of Ajuda, in the city of Lisbon. You are registered with BGCI and present conservation programs for the International Agenda for Conservation in the Botanical Gardens, your international identification code is LISI.”
  • 122 locals recommend
“Owned by John Malkovich, this is Lisbon's most famous club and the amazing view over the river might be one of the reasons why.”
  • 120 locals recommend
Sculpture Garden
“You get there with the blue metro line, getting out at San Sebastião or Praça de Espanha. This is the fantastic garden of the Gulbenkian Foundation, which sponsors arts and science in Portugal. They have their collections there of decorative art and there is also the Centro de Arte Moderna. It is a very interesting place, but also great to relax on a warm spring or summer day. ”
  • 34 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“The Botanical Garden, the oldest in Portugal. Here you can discover a 400 year old tree, and you can enjoy a magnificent view against the backdrop of the Tagus River, the 25 de Abril Bridge and the Cristo Rei.”
  • 43 locals recommend
“Romantic small lovely park in the Principe Real area. Free wifi at the kiosque (they'll give you their password) nice local restaurants around, peaceful respite after a day of sightseeing.”
  • 63 locals recommend
“At your doorstep you have a very quiet place for jogging or explore, enjoying the sound of birds. This was the place where kings used to hunt.”
  • 40 locals recommend
“It is considered the second largest green space in Lisbon, about 2 hectares, with public access to the historical areas. It has a kiosk, which is a cheap and lovely way to have a coffee or a drink. The park is also very popular with locals around sunset, who bring their own drinks and hang around. This park was developed by a recent project linking the two neighbourhoods Mouraria and Graça. It contains a central lawn with three belvederes, a picnic area, an orchard, a playground and a kiosk with a terrace.”
  • 29 locals recommend
“Jardim Botto Machado Near National Pantenon A nice garden with a calm splanade with a nice view and wifi It has also a playground in the end of the garden”
  • 29 locals recommend
“beautiful park where there are several fairs during the year, and the amazing Fonte Luminosa (an historical fountain of Lisbon)”
  • 23 locals recommend
“Known as the historic district of the Age of Discovery. It was from its waterfront that Vasco da Gama and other explorers departed for their voyages, events celebrated today by grand monuments.”
  • 9 locals recommend
“Gathering point for many students to have a beer. The wide road has a lot of cafes and esplanades.”
  • 11 locals recommend
“Very good view of Lisboa, this park is in the north and up side of the Park Eduardo VII, this way you can go down to the Av. da Liberdade and Rossio.”
  • 10 locals recommend
Art Museum
“If you like artistic ceramics, you will enjoy this museum entirely dedicated to the life and works of the artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.”
  • 7 locals recommend
“Um excelente local para um hambúrguer, dar comida aos patos ou brincar no parque infantil. Muito fresco, mesmo nos dias mais quente pois tem muitas árvores centenárias.”
  • 2 locals recommend
“Get some fresh air and enjoy. There are all sort of drinks, coffee, and food. ”
  • 3 locals recommend