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Parks & nature in Laugaras, Laugardalur

“Right next to The Family Park and Zoo in Laugardalur you'll find the less frequently visited inner-city paradise of Grasagarðurinn; the Reykjavík Botanical Gardens. The park is home to over 5,000 different species of plants, as well as an idyllic pavilion-with-a-pond café.”
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“The ice skating rink in Laugardalur is suited for the ice-hockey and figure skating. The venue is indoor and is used for practice, competitions and the general public.”
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“historical place, the name of Reykjavik is from this place, smoke of warm water, outdoor, free of charge ”
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“Nearest drop off with Reykjavík Excursions when going to and from Keflavik International Airport”
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“Camping place in Reykjavík.Located only 3 kilometres from the city centre, it is easy to walk to town from the campsite. If you walk west of Sundlaugavegur you can go down town.”
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