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Parks & nature in Leiria District

“Explore the gardens, take a picture with a real terracota army or the large buddha statues. In the shop you'll find a great collection of wines to choose from.”
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Scenic Viewpoint
“Stunning underground caves in Central Portugal. Go to see the dinosaur footprints also nearby.”
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“São 38.900 hectares de área protegida desde 1979. Visite as Grutas de Mira d'Aire ou explore os 20 hectares de trilhos com as maiores, mais antigas e mais nítidas pegadas de saurópedes datadas de 175 milhões de anos. \\\\\\\\\\\\ This is a protected area since 1979 with 38.900he. Visit it's caves (Gruta de Mira d'Aire) or explore it's 20he extension with the biggest, oldest and clearer 175 millions of years sauropods dinossaur footsteps (Pegadas da Serra d'Aire).”
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“Park with routes to observe more than 120 models of dinosaurs in real scale”
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“Beautiful and rugged coastline in Peniche. Amazing and unusual rock formations, and a great spot to watch the waves crashing into the cliffs!”
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“Beautiful Park with a pond that you can hire little boats. It also has a great playground for the kids and a stunning restaurant/ coffee shop.”
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“One of the Best Surf Spots in the World , where the World Championship takes place in October !!”
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“ The most urban beach in Lourinhã. Little bars, cafés, and restaurants. There is a small public library (summer only). A wooden bridge and 0,5km path connect it to the beach to the south: Praia do Areal. From here you can continue on the bicycle lane 2,8 km to Lourinhã”
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“Surround yourself with fresh water and waterfalls in this stunning secret spot and afterwards drive up to one of the nearby Xisto villages for a spot of lunch.”
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“Located in the center of Tomar the 39-hectare "Mata dos Sete Montes" National Woodland is the city's main park. From here you can access the castle. They make for a beautiful walk through the city's nature.”
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“Nazare is one of many wonderful beaches along the Silver Coast and is the nearest at just 15 minutes drive from the property. Nazaré Nazaré beach, with its mild climate and natural beauty, has one of the most ancient traditions connected to fishing in Portugal. The long sandy half-moon shaped beach, which is also the town’s sea front, is known for its grandeur and for the brightly-coloured awnings that decorate the white sandy beaches, contrasting with the blue of the water.”
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“A Jurassic dinosaur track site containing the oldest and longest sauropod tracks known . ”
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“It has roman temple ruins, beautiful views over Tagus river and is very nice to appreciate Scalabis center (for having a glance of the history/arts of the city throughout time). Este jardim possui as ruínas de um Templo Romano, lindas vistas sobre o rio Tejo e é ideal para apreciar o Centro Scalabis (que permite ter uma ideia da história/arte da cidade durante os tempos).”
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“Kid friendly astronomy museum. Observatory and planetarium, open nights during summer”
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