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Best things to do in Limassol

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Harbour / Marina
“A 10 minute drive also walkable or accessible by car, Limassol Marina has large variety of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, dessert options and shops. Its a great place for lunch or dinner and guests can admire all the yachts and stunning architecture. Also great for an evening stroll. ”
47 locals recommend
“Troodos Mountain is a great place to cool off. On the way to the peak is Platres, which is a lovely location for lunch and has Sparti Rope Park. This is great fun for adults as there are various levels of difficulty. Kakopetria is an old quaint village worth visiting too. You can also find the Caledonia Waterfalls walk half way up Troodos, with its ice cold small melt water pool at the bottom. ”
54 locals recommend
Mediterranean Restaurant
“Visit the historical site of Ancient Kourion...The Amphitheatre still in use today for classical productions.the ruins and mosaics of previous life times...wonderful view of the Curium Bay”
49 locals recommend
Bus Stop
“The largest mall in Limassol is a short drive away, great for shopping, food and coffee. It has a large selection of shops from budget to high end. ”
26 locals recommend
“Welcome to the new Limassol Zoo. After design and study, a completely modern reconstruction of the ZKL was carried out, using materials such as stone, glass, rope and wood. Avoiding cold cement and metal structures.”
28 locals recommend
“Tours are offered of this medieval castle rebuilt circa 1590 with prison cells used until 1950.”
39 locals recommend
Amusement Park
“Really good waterpark with a range of fun to terrifying rides! You can get half price tickets if you join "The Entertainer" website / app. Although you pay to join the app the overall price for app plus 2 tickets for the waterpark is usually cheaper.”
29 locals recommend
Department Store
“A 2-minute walk away from Yvonne's Retreat, Debenhams is a convenient place when looking for somewhere to buy groceries, clothes or makeup. There's a cafe upstairs with amazing sea views! ”
19 locals recommend
Historic Site
“The Limassol castle is situated near the old harbouring the heart of the historical centre of the city of Limassol. The castle as it appears today is a structure rebuilt circa 1590 under the period of Ottoman rule!”
25 locals recommend
Beach Bar
“summer rave bar and all-day beach club serving drinks and food. Special DJ event every Sunday from May to October. In the east of Limassol, not in walking distance, voted one of the 10 best beach bars in the world! ”
30 locals recommend
“A street full of shops. You can also go right and left from it and find yourself in the center of old city”
28 locals recommend
“The most central location of the tourist area, however, never too busy and crowded. Restaurants and cafes are available.”
25 locals recommend
“Once was an important military stronghold, now is beautiful medieval castle.”
21 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“It's not the waterfall itself the beauty of the place. I am sure that travelers from all around the global have seen much more impressive watterfalls, BUT the 3kwh (about) walking path to arrive to this waterfull has taken my heart!”
19 locals recommend
Residential Building (Flat / Apartment)
“Walk along the Limassol coast, enjoy an evening stroll, have a coffee or a drink at one of the cafes and spend time among locals, tourists and a variety of nationalities living and enjoying Limassol”
28 locals recommend
Night Club
“The only club on the island within touching distance of the sea it offers exotic cocktails, great atmosphere and the latest in commercial music!! ”
23 locals recommend