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Best parks in Lincoln

“The first shots of the American Revolution were fired within a few miles of Hummingbird Cottage, and the Minute Man National Park preserves those times in exhibits, stories, and reenactments throughout the year.”
12 locals recommend
“A gorgeous, popular pond with a sandy beach and loop hiking trail around the perimeter. Enclosed swimming area with lifeguard, making it a great place for families with children of all ages. Walden Pond was once home to the renowned author, Henry David Thoreau. Now part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Forests and Parks system, Walden Pond State Reservation comprises 335 acres of protected open space, where visitors come to experience the pond that inspired Thoreau. They also come to hike, swim, fish, canoe/kayak, and cross country ski.”
11 locals recommend
“Drumlin Farm, was one of my favorite places as a child. I grew up going there. It is the reason Wildflower Farm exists today. It is where I first learned to love barn yard animals and where this dream began. It is much larger than Wildflower, perhaps even better. It will always be a part of who I am and I am to this day grateful for every visit I ever got to make to this place. It's where I first saw and learned how milk comes from cows, and how adorable baby pigs are. It's where I learned to love the smell of farms and fresh hay.”
7 locals recommend
“See the location where Paul Revere was captured as he rode from Lexington to Concord, warning settlers that the Redcoats were on the march from Boston! Walk the historic Battle Road and experience a piece of American history.”
1 local recommends
“Historic park, learn about the revolutionary war. Re-enactments, historic buildings and sights”
4 locals recommend