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Parks and nature in Lower East Side, Manhattan

Top parks

“Great for running and long walks, with some of the best views in Manhattan. ”
  • 56 locals recommend
“Beautiful garden, 5-10 walk from your stay! Perfect for a picnic or a place to read a book and get some sun! ”
  • 37 locals recommend
“Grab a coffee across the street at Little Canal or Cafe Grumpy and relax on a bench under the trees.”
  • 21 locals recommend
“Out of all the community gardens in the East Village, this is my favorite. It's coiffed and pruned and boasts and adorable little treehouse with a lounge and plenty of reading material. The latest addition: a big bullfrog in the fish pond.”
  • 32 locals recommend
Soccer Field
“The Pokemon Go, Ingress Prime, Jurassic Park Go, Walking Dead Go players will love this park. Everyday hundreds of kids show up to catch exotic pokemon, dinosaurs, or zombies. It's a hotspot for those types of games due to a tight clustering of portals and their high frequency spawn-times. ”
  • 20 locals recommend
“Take a walk up and down the East River , find yourself walking up to the United Nations are walk all the way down to the Financial District and Chinatown. ”
  • 18 locals recommend
“ The Lowline Lab is a long-term open laboratory and technical exhibit designed to test and showcase how the Lowline will grow and sustain plants underground. Built inside an abandoned market on the Lower East Side, just two blocks from the site of the proposed future Lowline, the Lowline Lab includes a series of controlled experiments in an environment mimicking the actual Lowline site.”
  • 7 locals recommend


  • 2 locals recommend