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Food and restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Top restaurants

“Mango Deck is best known for its never-ending party atmosphere and as a Spring Break oasis. Simply put, if you are looking for a family restaurant, this is not the place you want to stop and eat. But if you want a lively party atmosphere with a lot of activity, Mango Deck is a great option. You can get reasonably priced buckets of beer, margaritas, or just about any other drink known to man. If you need some pre or post-party grub, it features a full restaurant menu with everything from BBQ to burgers to fresh seafood. Price Range: $$-$$$”
  • 47 locals recommend
Seafood Restaurant
“Eat at the beach. Its outdoor patio is a fun atmosphere! Fun place to eat at night then stoll along the beach for a romantic evening walk! Lots of bars close by to try out too! Not to far from Cabo Marina plaza too! And did I say they make a killer omelette!”
  • 61 locals recommend
Latin American Restaurant
“A vivid combination of the Cuisine of Baja California with Guerreriain flair, featuring a regional fusion of steaks and seafood with local ingredients. Candle lights and palapas set the atmosphere for an unforgettable culinary experience. Price Range: $$$$”
  • 21 locals recommend
“The newest first-class restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Bar Esquina, features a unique twist on International creative cuisine: Mexican influenced Mediterranean flavors using locally grown, organic produce; fresh fish from the Pacific & Sea of Cortez; and the highest quality meats cooked on a mesquite grill. Bar Esquina is quickly becoming one of the finest Restaurants in Cabo. Price Range: $$-$$$”
  • 15 locals recommend
“Mu favorite Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas, great food and amazing music, drinks and beach ”
  • 22 locals recommend
“Grab a drink below and then head upstairs for one of the most heavenly beachside massages you'll find. They have 4-hand massages. What more needs to be said??”
  • 5 locals recommend
“Lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels, excellent service. Full bar and service. Food menu, the food is great. Music plays all day! ”
  • 4 locals recommend
“Beach! Sits next to Mango Deck and The Office. Fun, upbeat, music and freeflowing cocktails! Just down from Tobascos. ”
  • 2 locals recommend