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Explore Mendocino

Parks & nature in Mendocino

State / Provincial Park
“Beautiful, relaxing walk along the cliffside. Views of the ocean and the iconic town. You might see a whale, a seal, fishing boats, etc.”
16 locals recommend
Boat or Ferry
“One of our favorite things to do on the coast is to take one of the outrigger canoes on Big River. These watercraft are untippable. It's lovely to float up river, watch for wildlife and enjoy the great outdoors.”
12 locals recommend
“Dog and kid-friendly. The riverside is calm and smooth. Lots of seal and river otter sitings. Great for picnics. Walk over to the ocean side for some waves and driftwood collecting. Rent a kayak and travel upstream for a relaxing activity. Walkable access to town via steps. One of our favorite beaches!”
7 locals recommend