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Best things to do in Naha

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Shurijo Castle is the greatest structure of the Ryukyu Kingdom and is registered as a World Heritage Site. Learn about the history of Ryukyu. 首里城は琉球王国最大の建造物であり、世界文化遺産に登録されました。琉球王国の歴史を学べる。”
93 locals recommend
“This shop is a mass merchandise store. It takes 15-minute walk from hotel. ”
30 locals recommend
“You can have stroll down this beach after a visit to the Shinto Shrine. It is a clean beach where you can do snorkeling or just sit by the beach and enjoy the view. Recommended if you want to have a peaceful quiet day at beach. 這個海灘位於波上宮附近,可以直接由國際通前往,步程約15分鐘。環境優美,比鄰還有觀望台和行山徑,是一個很好的休息地方。 ”
41 locals recommend
Duty-free Shop
“-T Galleria by DFS A duty free shop directly connected to Okinawa Yui Rail's Omoromachi Station. There are about 130 world famous brands available here. Besides brand items, you can also find a wide variety of souvenir shops and delicious restaurants as well! ”
43 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“*shopping *Cafe *Sightseeing *Ocean 瀬長島!空港近く!車で行ける島! Senagajima! Near the airport! An island that can be reached by car!”
30 locals recommend
Street Food Gathering
“Opened on Kokusai Dori in June 2015. There are 20 stalls at which you can enjoy a variety of local and original dishes made with Okinawan ingredients. The nearby Rito Marushe sells souvenirs mainly from the isolated islands of Okinawa, and also has a coffee shop. At the stage, you can enjoy various performances such as shimauta, or traditional Okinawan songs and eisa dances. ”
38 locals recommend
“A famous steak house in Okinawa. Loved by the local people as well as the tourists. Open from 11am to 1:30 am. ”
13 locals recommend
Art Museum
“沖縄の歴史も学べる美術館・博物館です。 It is a museum and museum where you can also learn the history of Okinawa. ”
24 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“多くの人でにぎわう那覇市第一牧志公設市場は、1階に精肉部、鮮魚部、生鮮部、2階に食堂があり、購入した鮮魚を2階の食堂で調理してもらい食べることもできる。地元沖縄の人とも触れ合える魅力的な市場。 The Makishi Public Market is filled with the energies that vitalize Okinawa. The actual market is on the first floor and offers a glance of Okinawan cuisine with its colorful tropical seafood, pork sold in mass, and unsophisticated island vegetables. There are plenty of restaurants on the second floor of the market. ”
20 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“A big shopping mall with food, appliances, clothes, restaurants and cinemas. The hotel is a 15-minute walk away. ”
11 locals recommend
“Our main tourist street. There are all sorts of gift shops that may interest you. Personally, they all feel the same… The food on this street tends to be overpriced too, so try going in one block to find some more authentic stuff.”
28 locals recommend
Place of Worship
“Naminoue Shrine, literally "Above the Waves Shrine" It sits atop a high bluff, overlooking Naminoue Beach and the ocean.”
8 locals recommend
Department Store
“Department store. It takes 15-minute by monorail from hotel. It takes 10 minutes by car from hotel.”
8 locals recommend
Chinese Restaurant
1 local recommends
“沖縄でタルトといえば「オハコルテ」 それくらい人気のあるフルーツタルト専門店。それぞれの季節にいちばんおいしいフルーツを、 フルーツそのものを食べるよりもさらに美味しくなるようにと想いを込めてつくられています。 お時間がなければ、空港内でもお土産としてお買い求めいただけます。 oHacorte is very popular for beautiful fruits tarts. They use seasonal fruits and tart itself is also amazing. once you had a one, you would go back again. If it's difficult to get there, you can buy it as a souvenir at the airport. ”
1 local recommends