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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

“ Best art museum on the island Has one my favorite paintings “Flaming June” must see if you take a trip south of the island. Much to see in Ponce.”
  • 31 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“Christoffelpark is the largest national park of Curacao and a must see for everyone. The park has a rich variety of local flora and fauna. Nature lovers will find the park teeming with local birds and plants, including species, which are not easily seen elsewhere on the island. For example wild orchids, the Palabrua, the rare native barn owl. The Curacao White Tailed deer (of which there are only about 250 left) and much more. There are eight hiking trails, allowing the visitor the choice between an easy stroll, or for instance, a challenging hike to the top of the Christoffel mountain (recommended for early morning). Scenic car routes take you through underbush, around hills and across sea swept bluffs. The park also organizes special activities, including safaris, deer watching, animal presentations, cave excursions, a guided park tour and many special trips like occasional full moon walks and sunrise safari’s.”
  • 56 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Mambo beach is arguably the most tourist-friendly beach on the island. The parking lot has security, and along the beach there is a cafe that serves great beach side snacks. There is a fee for shaded beach cabanas, sunbeds and access to the swimming pool. The beach is clean, organized and safe. And has a great snorkeling opportunities. ​We would give it 4 stars. ”
  • 47 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“A uniquely shaped shopping mall with a kids playground, trampoline park, cinema and food court included.”
  • 42 locals recommend
“Go early in the morning ...great for snorkeling and diving or climb The Brandaris.”
  • 23 locals recommend
“Great National park for hiking. I recommend going early in the morning before the sun gets intense.”
  • 41 locals recommend
“Playa Sucia is one of my favorites beach in the area it has a lighthouse in a mountain, great sight for pictures and clear water. ”
  • 39 locals recommend
“Look at the Caribbean Sea from there. You will never forget that experience.”
  • 33 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“The Eastern most point of the US. Find a way to get here BEFORE sunrise and you will be the first in the US to see it!”
  • 27 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“A must visit before leaving At. Croix. There are a number of commercial charter to Buck Island you can find on the Boardwalk, just a few minutes away. ”
  • 27 locals recommend
“We recommend the art walk in Willemstad, that also takes you to the Scharloo district. You can end the tour with a lunch at Fleur de Marie. ”
  • 31 locals recommend
Snack Place
“This is another locally visited beach. ​There is an entry fee per vehicle, which ensures the cleanliness of the beach. The seating is free; however, we recommend arriving earlier to find a spot in the shade. There is a restaurant offering midday snacks​ and delicious milkshakes for when you're hungry, after snorkeling. We rate this beach 4 stars ”
  • 34 locals recommend
“On Thursday night Cuba Compagnie is the place to be, starting from 10:30 pm till about 1:30 am they have Latin night with a DJ playing and lots of peoples dancing on the dance floor.”
  • 19 locals recommend
“This is a national park at the northern side of the island. Very impressive to see what nature does to the shore. Enjoy the view!”
  • 28 locals recommend
“...every Saturday evening there is a great happy hour that starts at 5 pm. It is a very popular spot where locals mix with tourists. Always live music and a DJ, great after spending your day at the beach at Zanzibar. Sunset, especially in september can be PINK!”
  • 39 locals recommend
“Porto Marie is an extravagant beach, with clear water and a plentiful of ish. It offers a different type of beach as instead of regular sand the ground mostly consist of pebbles, offering a unique experience. There is an entry fee, as well as an extra fee for seating and shade. The beach offers amenities such as a restaurant and if y want to explore the Carribean marine life a little closer there is a dive shop. my family would give this beach four stars ​”
  • 33 locals recommend