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Best parks in New Taipei

Monument / Landmark
“The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, and a must-see destination. Standing amid the stunning architecture will take your breath away. The grounds cover more than 240,000 square meters, and includes three main buildings: the Memorial Hall, the National Theater, and the National Concert Hall. The forested parks and ponds are also very beautiful, and are home to various birds, squirrels, fish, and turtles. ”
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“Lots of cultural events and activities. It often has concerts, outdoor markets,and exhibitions.”
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“a lot of stairs, a lot. but worth it, you can't see Taipei 101 clearer than here.”
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“bruary 2018 Located just a short bus ride from Taipei City, Yangmingshan National Park is one Taiwan’s most beautiful national parks, and is a popular sightseeing destination thanks to its hot springs and sulfur crystals. ”
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“The 228 Peace Memorial Park is a historic site and municipal park located at 3 Ketagalan Boulevard, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan. The park contains memorials to victims of the February 28 Incident of 1947, including the Taipei 228 Memorial that stands at the center of the park and the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum, housed at the site of a former radio station that operated under Japanese and Kuomintang rule. The National Taiwan Museum stands at the park's north entrance. The park also has a bandshell and exercise areas.”
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“Great outdoors, lots of green and calm. It also has a lake, a theater, sports courts, kids playground, picnic area and more”
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“湖與山,融為一景,夕陽西下,一抹紅光從天撒下,美不勝收! 諾大的綠色草坪,不論三五好友野餐,或是親子活動,都恣意到不行! 如果喜愛自然生態,這裡有花、有鳥、有魚,整個公園都是你的研究室!”
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“I love to come here to clear my head. It's especially calm late at night. I can sit here for hours watching puppies play. Only 700m away via a brisk 10 minute walk through the Japanese District.”
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Theme Park
“原址為日據時代昭和九年(西元1934年)成立之「台灣瓦斯株式會社」。創造一個藝術文化與周邊電影、咖啡文化、青少年文化結合的大型休憩性空間。 2009年6月由台北市文化基金會西門紅樓接管使藝文活動與青少年生活文化成功的結合在一起,如今的已成為民眾及年輕人生活休閒的熱門地標。 ”
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“It has unique rock formations that combine themselves with the waves of the sea. You can find the famous "queen head" for which loads of Chinese tourist come. However, the whole area is worth exploring, beyond the most touristic spot. There is a lighthouse at the far tip of the land.”
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Other Great Outdoors
“The park was constructed in 1913. Abundantly planted with trees and flowers, it is an elegant park with scenes of creek and little bridges. The Beitou creek goes through the whole park, from east to west, making the place an important landscape in Beitou area. Hot spring hotels have been built alongside the park which has made Beitou a backyard gar”
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“This Garden contains multiple kind of plants, and historical sites. There are also a history museum and a science museum with very cheap ticket. If you are an early bird, this is the best place you can go for a walk.”
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“聞名的原因 公園, 早鳥, 和平寧靜, 秘密的地方, 群組, 家庭 Park at residential area. Recommended for night walk and jogging. 公寓旁的公園, 晚上在公園走路或慢跑運動也別有一番感覺哦!”
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