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Parks & nature in New Taipei City

Scenic Viewpoint
“High end shopping mall where you can get almost anything. Also a lot of ATMs available here.”
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Monument / Landmark
“The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, and a must-see destination. Standing amid the stunning architecture will take your breath away. The grounds cover more than 240,000 square meters, and includes three main buildings: the Memorial Hall, the National Theater, and the National Concert Hall. The forested parks and ponds are also very beautiful, and are home to various birds, squirrels, fish, and turtles. ”
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“Lots of cultural events and activities. It often has concerts, outdoor markets,and exhibitions.”
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Scenic Viewpoint
“Located in Xinyi District, TAIPEI 101 is Taiwan’s first and the best international-level shopping center. Its observatory, 382m above the ground on the 89th floor, boasts a panoramic view of beautiful Taipei. You can also take a look at the world’s largest wind damper on the 88th floor. This is also the only wind damper open to general visitors on earth.”
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“a lot of stairs, a lot. but worth it, you can't see Taipei 101 clearer than here.”
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“Stunning view of Taipei with great trails. Flower Season every Spring and Summer ”
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“Luodong Forestry Cultural Center is with beautiful scenery and preserves Taiwanese logging culture and history. It's great to take a walk here. 羅東林場景色特殊宜人,並保存了台灣林業文化歷史,是難得兼顧遊憩及人文的好去處。”
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Scenic Viewpoint
“One of tallest building in the world. Towering above the city like the gigantic bamboo stalk it was designed to resemble, Taipei 101 is impossible to miss.”
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Scenic Viewpoint
“臺灣臺北市信義區的摩天大樓,樓高509.2米(1,671英尺),地上樓層共有101層、另有地下5層,目前為世界第八高樓以及地震帶最高摩天大廈是台北著名地標。85樓有景觀餐廳樓層,分別為頂鮮101美食美景餐廳(87-86樓)、欣葉101食藝軒和隨意鳥地方(85樓) 就算不上觀景台,在餐廳也能遠眺整個台北市視覺享受還是挺好的!”
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“This is the most beautiful park in Taiwan. It has lots of trees and beautiful park. ”
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“The 228 Peace Memorial Park is a historic site and municipal park located at 3 Ketagalan Boulevard, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan. The park contains memorials to victims of the February 28 Incident of 1947, including the Taipei 228 Memorial that stands at the center of the park and the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum, housed at the site of a former radio station that operated under Japanese and Kuomintang rule. The National Taiwan Museum stands at the park's north entrance. The park also has a bandshell and exercise areas.”
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“Great hiking in the mountain with amazing tea shops. Don't forget to take the gondola!”
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Harbour / Marina
“#Dadaocheng Wharf #PIER5 #capsule market #enjoy views of the Tamsui River #chill”
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“宜蘭礁溪湯圍溝公園大致上分成兩大區,兩區中間隔著一條馬路,一區一池,一群人可以一起圍著泡,泡完還有溫泉迴廊可以稍作休息。 除了水岸綠美化空間及景觀涼亭外,並規劃充滿禪意的檜木風呂及半戶外泡腳交流地,讓在地民眾重溫舊有泡湯記憶,外地遊客則可享受自然舒適的檜木溫泉。出水口熱燙的很,通常沒什麼人泡,流到其他三區,溫度也各會有些差異,可以看各人的"能力"選擇適合的區!”
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“The closest mountain to the city, you can overlook Taipei 101. 離城市最近的山,可眺望整個台北市,遠觀台北101 ”
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“空氣新鮮 可舒服悠閒的騎著自行車漫遊蘭陽平原 早晨的松鼠特別活躍, 夜晚有水舞燈光秀,超美的. 公園碼頭也锦鋰魚可餵食,適合大人&小孩同遊 落羽松美景也是不容錯過的景點之一 假日也有街頭藝人的表演秀和河岸咖啡廣場”
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