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Top store recommendations from locals

Department Store
“Two huge buildings and one building is for food and the other is for clothes. High end shop but worth going just to look. The food building is my favorite and there’s 4 floors. Each floor is dedicated to either wine, groceries, kitchen supplies and then furniture. Beautiful place ”
  • 557 locals recommend
Tapas Restaurant
“Magnificent food court at the Bon Marché department store. Excellent selection of brands and products. to buy to eat in Paris or to bring back home. ”
  • 182 locals recommend
Pastry Shop
“In my opinion, Pierre Hermé is the best pastry shop in the city. Try the “macarons au beurre salé” or macarons au jasmin (jasmine)”
  • 77 locals recommend
Department Store
“A large choice of boutiques and restaurants. Easy access by taking the Metro line 6 from Cambronne to Montparnasse-Bienvenue.”
  • 37 locals recommend
“Best macaroons in Paris. Stunning desserts that are a joy to look at, and to eat of course. ”
  • 43 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Exceptional coffee and cute place to rest when exploring the city. I’ve never eaten here but I heard the food is good as well. ”
  • 60 locals recommend
“My favourite Breton creperie. Their aubergine galette is to die for, as are any other of their galettes and crepes. For dessert, a crepe with salted caramel and a ball of vanilla bean ice cream is perfection.”
  • 53 locals recommend
French Restaurant
“Pour manger des fruits de mer (menu le midi). Famous sea food restaurant (cheaper at lunch).”
  • 38 locals recommend
Cheese Shop
“Iconic, award-winning cheese shop. When in doubt just go for the "chèvre au thym"”
  • 36 locals recommend
Wine Bar
“Best bar in the World, according to the Gurdian ! A dingy, smoky cellar bar. Walking into Chez Georges is like finding yourself on the set of a Truffaut film. It’s full of effortlessly cool people who don’t seem to be up themselves, which of course makes them seem even cooler. Early evening everyone is huddled round tiny tables drinking red wine out of glass tumblers or squeezed on to sofas. Come closing time the floor is a mass of flailing limbs and nodding heads.”
  • 35 locals recommend
“Fantastic rustic sourdough bakery. Their apple tarts are simple, understated and perfect.”
  • 32 locals recommend
“The Théâtre du Lucernaire is a great and typical independant cultural centre with up to 9 theatre shows per night, a cinema, a restaurant, a bar and a small bookshop.”
  • 27 locals recommend
Tailor Shop
“This Hermès is built in what was the former pool space for Hotel Lutetia, you can still see the tiles from the pool inside. ”
  • 21 locals recommend
“Across the street, one of the best bakery / food place. Take away available. ”
  • 22 locals recommend
Department Store
“If you need to buy some books, electronics things, phones, camera, papers.. etc”
  • 19 locals recommend
Furniture / Home Store
“Its a fantastic selection of furniture but also original gifts to take as a souvenir”
  • 14 locals recommend