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Best things to do in New Belgrade

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Shopping Centre
“The ultimate shopping destination which offers you unforgettable journey that brings to the surface your self-esteem, boldness and empathy.”
39local recommendations
“Known colloquially as the "Belgrade beach", Ada Ciganlija is a lake and a huge park where you can swim, play sports, or spend a day at the beach or have a meal or drink in some of numerous restaurants and bars.”
100local recommendations
Shopping Centre
“Good shopping. It has a cinema and a kid friendly play area with few restaurants. ”
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Art Museum
“Museum of Contemporary Art is an art museum located in Belgrade. It was founded in 1958 as the Modern Gallery. It was moved into the current building in the Ušće neighborhood of New Belgrade in 1965. The building is a masterpiece of architects Ivan Antić and Ivanka Raspopović, a short-lived but highly successful partnership, which also produced the 21 October Museum in Šumarice Memorial Park in Kragujevac. The collection contains more than 35,000 works of art. The museum collects and displays art works produced since 1900 in Serbia and Yugoslavia. It also organizes international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The museum was closed for renovation between 2007 and 2017. After several deadlines were pushed back, the museum was finally reopened for visitors on 20 October 2017.”
27local recommendations
“Sports, Beogradska Arena, basketball, live concerts, etc... Hosting BBL Euroleague's Final 4 - 2018”
24local recommendations
Shopping Centre
“UŠĆE Shopping Center is the biggest shopping center in Serbia and the region. 137 various shops, restaurants, bars, game room, a supermarket, a multiplex cinema with 11 screens, bowling games, etc.”
37local recommendations
“Ada Ciganlija [ˈǎːda tsiˈɡǎnlija]), is a river island that has artificially been turned into a peninsula, located in the Sava River's course through Belgrade. The name can also refer to the adjoining artificial Lake Sava and its beach. To take advantage of its central location, over the past few decades, it was turned into an immensely popular recreational zone, most notable for its beaches and sports.”
34local recommendations
“The winner is the name of the triumphal monument that was built in 1928 at the Upper Town of the Belgrade Fortress on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki Front.”
13local recommendations
“The summer counterpart to this club. It's on the water. Luxurious like the one across the river. **NOTE** A lot of other nightclubs that are good are along the river here. I just put a couple of my favorites.”
13local recommendations
Pedestrian Plaza
“Very nice part of the city, full of cafes, restaurants and a walking path that leads you from Usce to Gardos.”
9local recommendations
“Great place for summer nights with the best underground music scene. It's a little bit crowded, but the sunrises from the balcony on the river is priceless. 10 min walk from our flat.”
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Shopping Centre
“Big shopping mall with everything you need, working hours 7:30 - 22:00 every day.”
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Night Club
“Nice location close to our flat (15 min walk). You should book a VIP table in order to have your own space, because the place gets very crowded. Music is good Shake'n'Shake is a fun place at night with great music, but it's also perfect for the daytime, where you can relax in the hammocks over the water. ”
4local recommendations
“Its the best restaurant of the national cuisine.Here you can enjoy a wide range of national dishes and specialties among which are the veal and goat pie, potato pie, homemade bread, pie, steak in olive oil, daily cooked meals, barbecue, homemade cakes. Monday to Saturday from 08: 00-24: 00 , Required reservations , Address: Omladinskih brigada 16 a, Phone: +381 11 260 23 30 , Phone: +381 11 212 98 71”
9local recommendations
Light Rail Station
“Topčider Park (Topčiderski park) was the first public park in Belgrade. Surrounded by hills of Košutnjak forest and irrigated by Topčider River, park was indeed the most beautiful in the city. However, after Kalemegdan Park was built it lost its primacy, but still remains one of the most picturesque parks in the city. Topčider Park spreads inside an area of 13 hectares and lies only five kilometers away from the city, which makes it easy reachable either by tram (No. 3) or by car. Back in the old days, area of today's park was Turkish military camp where they made cannons. Consequently, area was named after those cannons (Top in Serbian) Topčider Valley (Topčiderska dolina).”
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“Great for a nice dining out experience. Ambar Train menu (the waiter brings their own choice of small tapas-like dishes, costs ~25 EUR per person, but absolutely worth the price), and a nice local wine , a fun event of trying out different kinds of Balkan-inspired dishes. Basically, Balkan cuisine with a modern twist! Note, however, this is definitely not a place to drop by to have a quick meal of typical Serbian food and move on with your evening. Also, be aware that the restaurant starts gradually turning into a club around ~10pm, the music gets louder and conversation can become more difficult. But everything in Belgrade turns into a party at some point. ”
6local recommendations