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City Hall
“Cluj-Napoca City Hall, located at 3 Moților Street, is the seat of government for Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Built at the end of the 19th century after the plans of architect Ignác Alpár, it features a Viennese baroque facade with a corner clock tower. Affixed to the tower was the seal of Kolozs County, of which the city was the seat when it was part of Austria-Hungary before 1918, as the building initially housed the county's headquarters. During its days as county headquarters, the building served multiple purposes–as a political, administrative and fiscal centre. At the same time, the large halls hosted exhibitions of both established and younger artists, and, starting at the turn of the 20th century, the city's balls. ”
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Historic Site
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“The Lucian Blaga Central University Library of Cluj-Napoca (Romanian: Biblioteca Centrală Universitară "Lucian Blaga" din Cluj-Napoca) serves Babeş-Bolyai University in Romania. The library was founded in 1872, at the same time as Franz Joseph University (eventually supplanted by Babeş-Bolyai University). Its initial stock, about 18,000 volumes, was made up by gathering the collections received from the Law Academy of Sibiu, the Medical School and Government Archives of Cluj, and those of Iosif Benigni's rich private collections. In 1873/74 the Transylvanian Museum was transferred to the Central University Library. Its library had been founded in 1859, as the Library of the Society of the Transylvanian Museum, on the basis of donations and grants from Metropolitan Bishops Andrei Şaguna and Alexandru Sterca-Șuluțiu and Count Imre Mikó. In 1860 the Library of the Transylvanian Museum had been declared "public" and open for the use of citizens, but in 1873/74 it was transferred to the university, being moved to a location near the Central University Library. Although housed in the same building, these two large libraries grew independently of each other for about half a century. ”
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Gym / Fitness Centre
Point of Interest
“This has a chapel with the most beautiful icon painting you could hope to see. We got married there! It's like a little chocolate box. It's a seminary, but if you smile sweetly at the porter, and tell him you want to go to the chapel, "capela" hopefully he'll let you in! It's well worth it! The entrance is opposite the Orthodox Cathedral, you will see a notice for the Orthodox Seminary beside the archway entrance. ”
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