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“Sundays this Market is booming and has become the most popular attraction for Berliners and visitors alike. The Sunday karaoke is not to be missed. The annexed Fleamarket is worth a stroll over!”
567 locals recommend
“Visit on a sunday - lots of people singing and dancing - a must see during summer”
599 locals recommend
“A wonderful big park which encouraged us to experience all the different sides of it. Like the fairytale fountain, beachvolleyball area, the peace bell next to the big pond. Or you just sit there grill and chill. ”
451 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“Engineering marvel of the DDR (German Democratic Republic). Expensive 20 EUR trip, but you can find discount passes. There is a restaurant and a bar at the top. The view is beautiful both during the day and during the night.”
226 locals recommend
Historic Site
“The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial) commemorates the division of Berlin by the Berlin Wall and the deaths that occurred there. The monument was created in 1998 by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal State of Berlin. It is located on Bernauer Straße at the corner of Ackerstraße and includes a Chapel of Reconciliation, the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre, a 60-metre (200 ft) section of the former border, a window of remembrance and a visitor center. Source: Wikipedia ”
258 locals recommend
“Every Thursday and Saturday is a market. They sell eggs, fruits, veggies, flowers, cheese, meat, fish, cakes and a lot more. It's a really nice atmosphere and lovely people. Nice coffeeshops around ”
174 locals recommend
“you can have relax, barbecue or just walk. You have also a great view of Berlin if you go till the top of the park”
107 locals recommend
“As well as a great playground, there is also a fun pool for kids in the local park next to the river Spree.”
44 locals recommend
“Little restaurants, bars. Good at day and at night. Playground in the middle of the square. Ice cream. Many families.”
81 locals recommend
Swiss Restaurant
“This park is especially popular in the summer. It has a small bar/restaurant on the hillside, with various coffee- and ice-cream shops in its vicinity. Perfect to lay down to get a tan... when the sun actually shines.”
47 locals recommend
Roof Deck
“Stylish bar with typical Mitte audience. In summer they also have a rooftop bar.”
49 locals recommend
“If it's hot, there is a paddling pool for free. That's fun. Adress paddling pool: Dubliner Straße/Bristolstraße”
29 locals recommend
“Under a minute, Weinbergspark has a lush little garden and lake, a great space to watch the clouds go by whilst reading a book or enjoying a picnic. ”
21 locals recommend
“Buzzing street full of awesome restaurants-a couple of minutes walk from the flat. You will also find an Organic food shop here called BIOMARKT am WEINBERG.”
12 locals recommend
“just a walk and you have a beautiful park where you can take a sunbath or walk, to jog ”
16 locals recommend
“Friedrichshain is one of the many parks in Berlin, ideal to relax and to enjoy a long walk. Don't miss the 'Märchenbrunnen" , a water fountain inspired by the 'Grimm Brothers' fairy tails. ”
24 locals recommend