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Best things to do in Paraty

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“There are 4 beaches with diferent characteristics: for those who like surfing, hiking, beches, waterfall and home made food. During high season it gets crowded. Avoid it.”
37local recommendations
Historic Site
“Paraty offers some historic sites, a yearly book fair, interesting shops, and best of all schooner day trips. I've gone twice and thoroughly enjoyed the day on the boat which stops in several beaches. Good swimming, fun boat trip”
49local recommendations
Historic Site
“O Centro de Paraty foi construído durante a colonização do Brasil e foi tombado pelo IPHAN e ganhou o título de patrimônio mundial da humanidade, como o primeiro sítio misto pela sua cultura e natureza. ”
33local recommendations
History Museum
“Local culture available - expositions, every thursday there is a kind of concert with local artists - live music”
36local recommendations
“Durante o dia funciona como restaurante e a noite o ambiente funciona como boate com bandas ao vivo e música eletrônica. ”
28local recommendations
Point of Interest
“This waterfall, also known as “Cachoeira da Penha”, is located at the Paraty-Cunha Road, near to the Headquarters of the Gold Path Touristic Information Center and to “Igreja da Penha” (“Penha´s Church”). There´s a signalized trail to get to the waterfall and to the Poço do Tarzan and its restaurant. PS: At high season, go early in the morning or by the end of the day. ”
25local recommendations
Brazilian Restaurant
“Considered by many the best restaurant in Paraty, it’s known for great Brazilian food. Not a cheap eat, but well worth the money. R. Dr. Samuel Costa, 198, tel. 24-3371-1725 ”
24local recommendations
Brazilian Restaurant
“ Lindo restaurante do centro histórico ambiente muito bem decorado excelente atendimento e musica de excelente bom gosto como mpb e jazz , excelente gastronomia e cardápio de vinhos .”
22local recommendations
“Reasonable prices, good food, good diversity of quick and simple snack type foods. ”
18local recommendations
Natural Feature
“Amazing beach after a one hour hike (you can also go by boat). Para aqueles que gostam de hiking, praia paradisíaca como recompensa após uma hora de trilha (opção de ir de lancha).”
13local recommendations
Historic Site
“Visit a former portuguese fortification to protect the town from pirates. Real canons and an amazing bay view.”
16local recommendations
Italian Restaurant
“The pizza place, near by the main square. The owner, Pipo, is italian. Opened at night”
16local recommendations
“Comida tailandesa degustada no jardim aconchegante do charmoso restaurante.”
16local recommendations
“ Melhor Chopp artesanal da cidade. Cardápio vasto em opções. Para quem gosta de Jazz e um ambiente ao ar livre Camoka é o lugar perfeito.”
14local recommendations
“ Excelente cervejaria e de produção própria e excelente gastronomia e com vista maravilhoso para canal de paraty .”
16local recommendations
“It is a secluded spot, an environmental protection area, a State Park on the way to São Paulo. Perfect to go with the familiy, beautiful , long extension beach with two rivers flowwing to the ocean in each side of the beach. There are no kiosks, so take you food and drinks with you. Take a sun umbrella with you, no shades there. One of my favorite spots to go with the kids.”
16local recommendations