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Best things to do in Piraeus Regional Unit

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Harbour / Marina
“-You can enjoy a nice evening stroll in the nearby Flood Park! -You can swim and enjoy the beach and sun. -You can take a walk at sunset and explore the FLOISVOS PARK -You can visit the Floating Naval Museum Battleship Averof. -From the marina Floisvos, one can take a one day cruise in SARONICOS GULF and visit the islands of HYDRA-POROS-AEGINA. ”
83 locals recommend
Theme Park
“A playground for kids and adults who love fun parks! Open all year round. By the park you will find the Village Cinemas inside the mall with many options for movies.”
24 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“Pireus Port!! The main port of Athens from where you can get to the magical Greek Islands!!”
12 locals recommend
Cultural Center
“Cultural center with library that hosts cultural and athletic events, nice for an evening walk or ride with a bicycle.”
21 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Ready for some more shopping? Right next to IKEA you will find a vibrant indoor Mall with dozens of international brands such as MAC, H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, Fresh Line Greek cosmetics etc as well as coffee bars and playground and activities for kids all year round.”
1 local recommends
American Restaurant
“It's situated in Marina Flisvos a place you should definitely walk to from Dodeca. Offers great hamburgers and other more healthy choices.. Quality is guaranteed and it's very good value for money.”
8 locals recommend
“Visit the impressive Municipal Theater, the jewel of Piraeus, opposite Korai Square, where the heart of the city hits. It is considered to be one of the most remarkable examples of public architecture in Greece in the 19th century, but also as one of the best theaters in the Balkans!”
8 locals recommend
Modern Greek Restaurant
“Excellent restaurant for seafood in Microlimano Peiraeus, for decades steadily among the best culinary award-winning food creators. Tables in one meter distance from the sea! Excellent service! ”
19 locals recommend
“Marina by the sea: full of yachts / coffee bars / night life / jogging route ..”
12 locals recommend
“For the history buffs amongst us, the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus boasts a solid collection of antiquities, especially from the 4th and 5th century BC. ”
14 locals recommend
Soccer Stadium
“One of the biggest football teams in Greece, the museum is a must see for all fans of football.”
5 locals recommend
“10 min by car / tram - Here you can enjoy a summer movie with a cold beer / pizza in an outdoor space where you can enjoy the beautiful sky and sea breeze!”
8 locals recommend
“Alll day restaurant/cafe, right by the sea. Stunning. In Peiraias. English: ISTIOPLOIKOS”
9 locals recommend
“Bar restaurant with tasty food, great cocktails and nice surroundings! Make a reservation especially on weekends and rush hours (20:00 to 23:00)”
7 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“A real peace of history and a true legend of world war I and II. Named after Georgios Averoff, the benefactor who paid for it, the armored cruiser was launched in 1910 and served the Royal Hellenic Navy in the Balkan wars and both world wars; it became a museum in 1984.”
8 locals recommend
History Museum
“For the nautical nerds amongst us, the Hellenic Maritime Museum offers a comprehensive overview of the country's rich seafaring history. ”
7 locals recommend