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Best things to do in Puerto Princesa

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Department Store
“this mall is one ride from our place its means near only. you can find inside department store, supermarket, and different restaurant that you can able to eat.”
14 locals recommend
“Tamilok is the delicacy which is a woodworm gotten from mangroves. You want to challenge yourself? Go right ahead! ”
15 locals recommend
“this park is highly recommended park and won one of the 7 wonder in the whole world.”
16 locals recommend
“this restaurant is highly recommend, because its known already and you need to make reservation first before because they are not entertain you with out this serve more in seafood,and meat. and this restaurant you can eat with out slippers or shoes you leave it outside of the restaurant. ”
19 locals recommend
7 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“One of the oldest Commercial complex in Puerto Princesa, now developed as NCCC Mall, Basically you can buy anything from NCCC; food, fresh meat and fish products, veges, groceries, clothes, appliances, celphone, drugstore, etc... It is located in Lacao street, very accessible from Rizal avenue, where most banks and business establishments are situated.”
6 locals recommend
“ A perfect place to relax and breath fresh air. It has bakery with their known Baker's Hill Hopia and other products. ”
11 locals recommend
“The best time to dine at Badjao is before sunset or around 6 PM while you can still enjoy the surrounding view and sea small sea creatures like crabs and fish underneath. Badjao offer variety of food and fruits. Make you reservations ahead of time. Good for Lunch and dinner.”
9 locals recommend
Harbour / Marina
“Travellers can take a walk or run here, along with local families. Afterwards restaurants that serve local food abound. Great also for nightcaps. ”
5 locals recommend
“I've brought guests here who have said this place is one for the books. Go there at sunset, it's truly magical. Their 950peso family sets are hard to beat too!”
4 locals recommend
“A place where crocodiles are taken care of and there are other different wildlife that you can in there. ”
5 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“The first beach from Puerto Princesa. Forget the heat & hassle of the city and begin your holiday right away. Quiet beach with a great sun set. 5 minutes shuttle from the Villa”
4 locals recommend
Filipino Restaurant
“Known for its juicy-licious grilled chicken and they are helping mute and deaf by hiring them.”
5 locals recommend
“Wanted to have adventure? There is a hanging bridge just for you. They also offer zip lining.”
8 locals recommend
“Filipino - French Cuisines mix. high quality food and service. Very nice ambiente and professional waiters. Say hi to "Ipe" (Philipp) our favorite waiter! ”
3 locals recommend
“The islands have white sand, clear waters, and amazing underwater sceneries...”
4 locals recommend