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Top garden recommendations from locals

Botanical Garden
“On the Bockenheimer Landstrasse is the beautiful 54-acre Palm Garden (Palmengarten), the largest botanic garden in Germany.”
  • 69 locals recommend
“This one is a must! Unesco World Heritage or simply an astoundingly beautiful park. Every Sunday and Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., you can watch tons of water running down the cascades.”
  • 79 locals recommend
“One of the most beautiful zoo's in Europe. It is a zoo & botanical garden. A must see :)”
  • 44 locals recommend
“This is the famous Mainau Island or Insel Mainau. It is the "Flower Island" and there is also a Butterfly conservatory. It is a main attraction around the Bodensee and highly recommended. You can get to this by driving or you can take the ferry directly to the island from Überlingen or Meersburg. It is not far either way. ”
  • 36 locals recommend
“The upper area of the park is the place in Frankfurt that has the longest sun hours of the day.”
  • 23 locals recommend
Sculpture Garden
“THE bar street in Düsseldorf, especially popular Wednesdays in the summer and during weekends. Tourists go to Bolker Strasse, locals hang on Ratinger Strasse. ”
  • 33 locals recommend
History Museum
“The Gletschergarten in Lucerne is a natural monument with park and museum; It was opened on 1 May 1873, the museum building dates back to 1874. "glacial potholes" and a "millions of years show" take the visitor in times when huge glaciers covered the country or subtropical palm beaches were found here.”
  • 14 locals recommend
“Mein Lieblingspark in Dortmund! See, Wald, Botanischer Garten, Zoo. Alles, was das Herz begehrt :) ”
  • 11 locals recommend
“Kleiner japanisch angelegter Park in dr Stadtmitte mit Koiteisch, Bamus etc. ”
  • 5 locals recommend
“The breathtaking parks and gardens of Baden-Baden lies along this street. The River Oos runs along this park and guides you through this amazing stroll in the park. ”
  • 13 locals recommend
Sculpture Garden
“Probably one of the best exhibitions in the country. Outdoor sculptures mainly from Tony Craig.”
  • 9 locals recommend
“Great bustling place when the sun is out. Has public electric barbecue by the lake too - imported from Australia. Just bring meat and aluminium foil.”
  • 8 locals recommend
“Both impressive and educational, with its 12,000 species, the Botanical Gardens (le Jardin Botanique) at Villers les Nancy is a real asset to the area. You can really have a good time in the fresh air and get an oxygen boost! It is as beautiful indoors as it is out. The greenhouses, both arid and tropical, can teleport you from Lorraine to Mexico or the Amazon in a matter of seconds – incredible! ”
  • 9 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“Etwas abseits der Stadt auf den Lahnbergen gelegen ist der neue Botanische Garten. Er ist mit den Bus Linien 2 und 7 allerdings gut erreichbar an der Haltestelle Botanischer Garten gelegen. Im Winter wie im Sommer lohnt sich der Spaziergang durch das weite Gelände nicht nur für botanisch interessierte. ”
  • 4 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“The Poppelsdorfer Schloss castle and the Botanical Garden with more than 11000 different sorts of plants”
  • 7 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“Although it is a small botanical garden in comparison to other cities, it is very well kept and has free lockers and space to leave jackets (and this is important because it is very hot inside the greenhouses). The highlight: the tropical greenhouse (main one) which has species of birds, frogs and tortoises from around the world. ”
  • 10 locals recommend