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Explore Roosevelt, Phoenix

Parks & nature in Roosevelt, Phoenix

“Message from the Business: "A Japanese Garden is a concentration of natural beauty, instilled within the confines of an enclosed space. It is not a "park" in our western sense, but rather where visitors may quietly reflect and seek harmony with the natural world and within themselves, a tradition that is centuries old. Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix provides a peaceful oasis to visitors with unique elements that symbolize many aspects of Japanese culture and philosophy, including stone footbridges, lanterns, sculptures, a cobblestone beach, waterfall, stream, tea house, and koi pond."”
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Dog Run
“City has huge plans to make this park spectacular with over $100 million so still a long way to go at the moment. To come, music stages, zip lining, et cetera.”
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Dog Run
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“Art, murals, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc. This is downtown PHX's art district = Roosevelt Row ”
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“Great Japanese gardens with tours, a small lake, and weekly tea ceremonies from the Urisenki Tea School, one of the world's best, which is also located here in Phoenix!”
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