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Top store recommendations from locals

“ Probably the best bread in town. Also great breakfast and lunch. Try to be there early, it gets packed. ”
  • 41 locals recommend
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“Via is the everything place, from great organic food breakfast, lunch and dinner served outdoors and indoors, to organic market, street market once a month, meeting place, etc. ”
  • 40 locals recommend
Organic Grocery
“Heatly, organic local market that's open week round and comes alive on the weekends. ”
  • 38 locals recommend
Deli / Bodega
“Great healthy breakfast and lunch plus deli and gourmet grocer. Great source for gluten-free, Asian or other import products. great back deck where kids can safely explore (gated in).”
  • 17 locals recommend
Clothes Shop
“Colorful historic space featuring attractive and colorful home accessories, bedding, women’s apparel and jewelry and other gift items”
  • 15 locals recommend
Department Store
“The Macy's of San Miguel de Allende, with a touch of USA Sears thrown in (appliances, mopeds, lawnmowers).”
  • 11 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“Once a textile factory, this now vibrant Arts & Design Center is a must see in the city. Here you’ll find many galleries with the works of talented painters, sculptors, and makers from all over the world. There are 3 small restaurants inside. The entrance is free and most galleries close around 5 pm.”
  • 128 locals recommend
Grocery or Supermarket
“A full supermarket not far away by taxi. Very clean, great fruit, veg and meat.”
  • 5 locals recommend
“This place has all your pharmacy needs. There's also a location across from La Comer.”
  • 8 locals recommend
“Beautiful bar, exquisitely decorated. Not the cheapest place in town, but a great place to listen to music and enjoy great cocktails, wines, tequilas and food”
  • 7 locals recommend
Antique Shop
“Restoration Hardware meets San Miguel de Allende. Very nice home décor, furniture and lighting store. Even if not buying anything, it’s worth visiting just to see the handcrafted works inside and to get lost in the beautiful maze of rooms and stairways. ”
  • 7 locals recommend
“Best Mexican bakery in San Miguel de Allende. Bread comes out of ovens around 10:30 am.”
  • 7 locals recommend
“Great source for cakes, pastries, chocolates and a cup of coffee. Ask for Chef Paco. Take his cooking class - you are guaranteed a great time !”
  • 9 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“We think Ki'Bok has the best coffee in town, but we're Seattle coffee snobs. :) They also make the most delicious, decadent Chai Tea Latte. Ki'Bok is a very intimate and quiet café”
  • 3 locals recommend
“When you need to catch a movie, head to “el cine.” Cinemex is a stadium seating movie theater in the local mall called La Luciernaga. By American and Canadian standards, the ticket prices and concession stand are very economical. You can see a first run movie on a Friday night in a great theater for about $40 pesos, which is about $2.25 USD. That is per person! And they often have both Spanish and English language movies.”
  • 3 locals recommend
Clothes Shop
  • 4 locals recommend