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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

“You have to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore but make sure also to check what’s underground. Here you’ll be able to visit the relics of a paleochristian Basilica and a patrician villa with a unique frescoed calendar, depicting country scenes.”
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“Landmark papal basilica founded in the 5th century & known for its Roman mosaics & gilded ceiling.”
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“Beautiful little jewel of a church ex-Roman Villa with Byzantine mosaics and Christ's stone whipping post. ”
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“take a walk until the Colosseum from this Basilica, specially in the Christmas Eve.”
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“The Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore is the largest Catholic Marion church in Rome. Its construction began in 435 AD, and it features a blend of baroque, Romanesque, and medieval architecture. With its rich history and grand interior, it will be sure to impress many as they make their way through its doors.”
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“Santa Maria Maggiore, is a Papal major basilica and the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome, from which size it receives the appellation "major". The Basilica is located at 34 Piazza del Esquilino, some five blocks southwest of Termini central station. The ancient basilica enshrines the venerated image of Salus Populi Romani, depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary as the health and protectress of the Roman people, which was granted a Canonical coronation by Pope Gregory XVI on 15 August 1838 accompanied by his Papal bull Cælestis Regina. Pursuant to the Lateran Treaty of 1929 between the Holy See and Italy, the Basilica is within Italian territory and not the territory of the Vatican City Stat”
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“ Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore Celebre basilica papale risalente al V secolo, nota per i mosaici romani e il soffitto dorato. Piazza di S. Maria Maggiore, 42, 00100 Roma RM// Basilica di Santa Prassede Basilica cattolica minore, completata nell'822, con mosaici decorativi e affreschi antichi. Via di Santa Prassede, 9, 00184 Roma RM// Terme di Traiano Resti storici di un grande complesso termale romano costruito nel II secolo d.C. Via delle Terme di Traiano, 1, 00184 Roma RM// Colosseo (!!less than 10 minutes by walk!!) Grande anfiteatro romano a 3 livelli con visite guidate, utilizzato anticamente per i giochi dei gladiatori. Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM”
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“The second Basilic of Rome for size, after St.Peter. One of the most important church in Rome.”
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“Vestiti, accessori, profumeria e piccoli elettrodomestici, nonché un supermercato SMA aperto dalle 7/24 tutti i giorni. ”
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“Great atmosphere with an Irish bartender who kept things enjoyable. Had football and the tube and music over the radio. They had a good selection of beers on tap and they even served full liters. ”
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“It's one of the oldest Beerhouses in the city, was founded in the late 1800's. It offers not just an Italian cuisine but also Austrian, Tyrolean and even Anglo-Irish dishes.”
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“Rome is a open air museum that you visit during you journey through the street of the city. After have visit the most important buildings, museums and churchs you have to go discover other tipical and beautiful places As Santa Maria Maggior or behind the Colosseum S.Callisto.”
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“This is the quintessential bar in Santa Maria Maggiore, recently renovated with a new look in total white.What makes Cottini institution is its location on the beautiful square of Santa Maria Maggiore”
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