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Explore South End, Halifax

Parks & nature in South End, Halifax

“Great for a run/hike. Trails lead through woods and by the water. Very scenic by the water. ”
131 locals recommend
Historic Site
“Great site with historic re-enactors. Suitable for kids as well as adults. A cannon is fired daily at noon. ”
118 locals recommend
“A favourite stroll with coffee or ice cream. See if you can find the pineapple tree (or bush?). ”
89 locals recommend
“Take a stroll along the waterfront - it is particularly lively in summer! Great spot for locals and tourists.”
49 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“Large open air park. Skating oval in winter. Skates available to rent (at the time of writing, skate rentals are FREE with government ID).”
33 locals recommend
“Also known as Dingle Park, this park was donated to the City of Halifax by Sir Sandford Fleming. The dingle tower commemorates the achievement of representative government in 1758. The Dingle Tower overlooks the Northwest Arm of Halifax. Approximately a 20 mins drive. ”
18 locals recommend
Harbour / Marina
“Good for Kayaking and Canoeing, Sometimes offer free rental during weekends”
6 locals recommend
“This trail system will take you into Fleming Park. It is easy walking from our home. At top of Inverness, cross to Westgate Drive, follow to the dead end and have access to Frog Pond and Fleming Park! ”
5 locals recommend
“Great place for a swim: 50 meter pool with a 10 meter diving tower complex.”
4 locals recommend
“This is definitely one of the most frequented places in Halifax. If you're on a budget and want to explore Halifax outdoors, this is where you need to be. Romantic evening walks with a loved one, always a street performer around with some local music to serenade :)”
3 locals recommend
“A popular playground with a community-run skating rink, basketball court, and horseshoe court.”
2 locals recommend
“Just minutes walk, nice viewpoint of Northwest arm and all the sailboats there. ”
2 locals recommend
Social Club
1 local recommends
1 local recommends