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Parks & nature in South Padre Island

Nature Preserve
“Beachfront nature area providing a birding boardwalk, interactive exhibit room & Observation tower. ”
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“It's about a 45-minute drive and you will probably have to dodge a lot of potholes, but it's worth it to possibly see coyotes, roadrunners, bobcats, javelinas, caracaras, etc. ”
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Rv Park
“There is a new pavilion with a shaded boardwalk, restrooms, showers, snack venders, & lots of parking. This is where ‘the jetties’ is located, which is fun all on its own. The jetties is a man made channel which allows the barges to gain access into the Port of Brownsville, as well as ANY off shore boats to gain access into the Gulf of Mexico from the Laguna Madre. If you are an early riser, the jetties offer great (for this area) snorkeling on the beach side. You want to arrive early (before waves start breaking) and just swim along the rocks. There are small species of tropical fish, sea urchins, sea anemones, octopus, stingray, limited coral, as well as a variety of large ocean fish. If the water is too rough, you can always fish…this is a GREAT fishing spot. If the water has surf… this is where the local surfers migrate and that is always fun to watch! The dolphins love to play on the channel side of jetties, so you will have plenty of dolphin sightings.”
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“Quarterdeck is a cool place to check out. Large dance floor and live music every night so enjoy. ”
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“This is area is loved by the locals. If you head north on Padre Blvd, you will enter a remote area. This area is considered a National Park, so construction is not allowed. This paved road cuts through the sand dunes for a few miles, and is a fun experience. Please be careful for sand drifts over the road and without warning…the road just ends into a huge sand dune (but don’t worry, they provided a stop sign)! If you are adventurous, there are three beach accesses along this road. This is the area you can drive on the beach, all the way to the Mansfield Cut (60 miles of beach driving). There is a required day pass which is $10 per car. This is a popular stretch for sunbathing, swimming, surf fishing, and all around beach fun! If you decide to do this… pay attention to the tide charts & have supplies in case you get stuck. The further North you drive on the beach, the less people you will encounter. If you do get stuck, there are plenty of people that will pull you out for a large amount of money and possible damage to your vehicle. We also have a group of locals that have a FB page called ‘rgv mud and sand recovery’ that just enjoy the challenge…provided you have cell service.”
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“Beautiful beaches for miles - just pick your favorite entry point for beach access and enjoy! ”
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“Because why not! Hardly anyone there and there is no cell phone service. Take a picnic and cold drinks and pretend you are on a remote island.. You can also rent a jeep and go past the end of the road and drive up the beach! That's fun too :)”
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