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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

Water Park
“Beach Park is the local amusement (water) park attraction. The largest of its kind in South America it has a constant flow of tourists and local families enjoying the water based rates and attractions directly in front of the beach.”
  • 107 locals recommend
Seafood Restaurant
“The best sea food restaurant in town. Specialized in shrimps!!! Very nice. It has two differents locations in Ponta Negra.”
  • 119 locals recommend
“It is a cultural institution that holds a permanent collection of historic and artistic objects from Early Middle Ages to 20th century. Keyword for Wikipédia/youtube 'Ricardo Brennand Institute'.”
  • 96 locals recommend
  • 3 Experiences
“Uma das praias mais bonitas do Brasil! / One of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil!”
  • 63 locals recommend
Public Art
“"Marco Zero" means initial point. It's a plaza surrounded by sea and historic buildings. ”
  • 84 locals recommend
  • 4 Experiences
Shopping Centre
“O mais moderno e completo shopping do Recife, com linda vista do Rio Capibaribe”
  • 53 locals recommend
Northeastern Brazilian Restaurant
“melhor local para saborear comida típica da paraíba. best place to taste local food. ”
  • 82 locals recommend
“Mergulhar nas águas claras e com a presença de muitos peixinhos é bem interessante. As crianças amam e os adultos tb.kkkk”
  • 18 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Este shopping se encontra de tudo, desde diversos restaurantes, lojas assim como cinema. ”
  • 47 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“A complete mall, with restaurants, bookstores, supermarket, banking services, Money Exchange....”
  • 44 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Shopping Mall closest to Ponta Negra beach and for this reason mostly visited by tourists. Not really much to say but there are many restaurants in the neighborhood and if you need anything basic. This is a good start.”
  • 47 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“The best shopping mall in Natal and probably the most upscale of them. If you need something, your best bet will be here.”
  • 34 locals recommend
Seafood Restaurant
“Another great option for seafood, especially shrimp! Try the seafood special with herbs, drizzled in olive oil.”
  • 38 locals recommend
“Melhor macaxeira ( aipim ou mandioca) da vila, com bom custo beneficio , ambiente agradável e pronto para servir boa . ”
  • 33 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“É o primeiro shopping center do Recife, mas continua como o mais simpático e fácil de utilizar. Você vai encontrar de tudo, desde lojas de roupas, a grandes magazines, restaurante e cinemas.”
  • 36 locals recommend
“Viewpoint overlooking Olinda and Recife. Many food wagons of tapioca, acaraje... ”
  • 32 locals recommend
  • 3 Experiences