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Best things to do in Trabzon

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary at Melá Mountain within the Pontic Mountains range, in the Maçka district of Trabzon(this place very close to the city center).”
12 locals recommend
“With its lakeside mosque and forested mountains that recall Switzerland, the 'hidden valley' of Uzungöl (Long Lake) remains idyllic, There are currently over 2000 rooms here, catering to a growing number of visitors from the Gulf States. A flurry of recent development, including a retaining wall against the lake, makes it feel a little artificial compared with much of the Kaçkars further east, but it makes a good base for hikes in the Soğanlı Mountains and to the tiny lakes around Demirkapı in the Haldizen Mountains. Summer weekends get very busy, so try to visit during the week. ”
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Shopping Centre
“Geniş kitlesiyle ilgi duyulan bir alışveriş merkezi konumu da şehir merkezine çok yakın”
7 locals recommend
“Hagia Sophia is a church(museum), formerly Greek Orthodox church which was built in the 13th century. You can also have breakfast and beverage here.”
3 locals recommend
Administrative Area Level 4
“the perfect place to spend a good time, enjoying the stunning views of the city and indulge in a real Turkish tea and Turkish coffee”
4 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“Atatürk Pavilion is one of the most beautiful examples of civil architecture of our city and which Ataturk places at the visits of Trabzon. Worth to see it!”
1 local recommends
“If you want to extend your life if you want to remember a thousand shades of green you forget to listen to the voice of the Black Sea ... Stunning nature of the opportunity to watch your black from the summit of Trabzon.”
2 locals recommend
“Ganita Cay Bahcesi is the perfect place to spend a good time, enjoying the stunning views of the sea and grab your Turkish tea , take some deep breath and relax. So restful. Love this place”
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Administrative Area Level 3
Kebab Restaurant
“Sultanmurat Plateau Sultan Murad Plateau located on the route of Trabzon-Caykara-Atakoy, has an elevation of 2200 m. “Yayla Ortasi Festival” is held every year on August 20. Murad IV performed Friday prayer in this plateau on the way back home from Iranian expedition dated 1653. He had stayed here for a few days. That’s why the plateau has taken the name “Sultan Murad””
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“Ayasofya Müzesi yaşayan tarihi ziyaret edip alışveriş yapabilirsiniz eşsiz bir manzarası mevcuttur ”
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“Trabzon's one of the most popular dishes is Pita (We say "Pide"). There is a lots of types of it like a ground beef Pita, cheese Pita, ground beef and eggs Pita etc. A Trabzon Pita (Pide) is a delicious flatbread pizza. Most likely natives in Trabzon eat it for breakfast. To me is not just for breakfast as well.”
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2 locals recommend