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Things to do in Tsukuba

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From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.
Point of Interest
“JAXA research center with free exhibits and guided tours five times daily. Facility includes exhibits on rockets, satellites, and Japan's involvement with the International Space Station. Free. edit”
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Natural Feature
“標高877m、広い関東平野の中にそびえ立つ紫峰「筑波山」。 昔から「西の富士、東の筑波」と愛称され、朝夕に山肌の色を変えるところから「紫峰」とも呼ばれている筑波山で、男体山と女体山の2つの峰を持ち古くから信仰の山として栄えてきました。山中には珍しい1,000種以上の植物が群生しており、植物研究の宝庫でもあり、登山・ハイキングなど年間を通して自然に親しめるのが魅力。また、ケーブルカー、ロープウェイを使えば簡単に山頂にたどり着くことができ、子どもからお年寄りまで、だれもが美しい眺望を楽しめます。 Mt. Tsukuba is a purple peak that rises in the wide Kanto Plain at an altitude of 877m. It has been nicknamed “Fuji of the West, Tsukuba of the East” for a long time, and it has been called “Shiho” because it changes the color of the mountain surface in the morning and evening. It has two peaks, Mt. It has flourished as a mountain of faith. There are over 1,000 kinds of rare plants in the mountains, and it is a treasure trove of plant research. In addition, if you use a cable car or a ropeway, you can easily reach the top of the mountain, so everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy a beautiful view. 筑波山,一个紫色的山峰,在广阔的关东平原上升,海拔877米 它被称为“西方富士,东方筑波”很长一段时间,它被称为“志保”,因为它在早晚改变了山面的颜色。 它作为一座信仰之山而蓬勃发展。 山上有1000多种珍稀植物,是植物研究的宝库。 此外,如果您使用缆车或索道,您可以轻松到达山顶,因此从儿童到老人的每个人都可以欣赏美丽的景色。”
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Meal Takeaway
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Natural Feature
“If you are feeling the need for some exercise, and want to combine that with a good hike, get yourself over to Mt. Tsukuba. ”
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Department Store
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Bus Station
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Corner Shop