15 food and drink experiences

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Tsukiji (Old) vs Toyosu (New) S.S Tour
From Price:£115/person
Tsukiji market tour with Tsukiji lover
From Price:£21/person
Ride to foodie spots on a retro tram
From Price:£28/person
Ice cream, Mochi, Matcha & YAKITORI!
From Price:£20/person
From market to meal
From Price:£65/person
Amazing fun of Japanese food & culture
From Price:£57/person
Street Food Japan Shibuya Food Story
From Price:£65/person
Tokyo Ramen Tasting Tour - 6 Mini Bowls
From Price:£89/person
Tsukiji Fish market and Sushi Tasting
From Price:£70/person
Street Food Japan food tour
From Price:£65/person
Be a BARTENDER‐TOKYO professional class‼
From Price:£128/person
Gatos japoneses que atraen la suerte
From Price:£45/person
Vegan & Organic Food Tour in Tokyo
From Price:£63/person
Tuna Auction in Toyosu & Tsukiji
From Price:£59/person
Sacred mornin walk & brunch-Meiji Shrine
From Price:£20/person