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Sightseeing and landmarks in Ubud

Art museums

Art Museum
“Beautiful Museum set in lovely gardens and offering a look at the Bali of years gone by.”
  • 22 locals recommend
Art Museum
“It was in Ubud that the modern Balinese art movement started, when artists first began to abandon purely religious themes and court subjects for scenes of everyday life. This museum set in a lovely formal garden has four buildings displaying works from all schools and periods of Balinese art, with a focus on modern masters including I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862–1978), Ida Bagus Made (1915–1999) and I Gusti Made Kwandji (1936–2013). All works are labelled in English. ”
  • 9 locals recommend
Art Museum

Historic sites

Art Gallery
“Local community hall offering nightly dance performances and other local activities.”
  • 1 local recommends


“Learn about the Balinese and Indonesian arts and culture by taking part in interesting classes: language, dance, music, art, etc.”
  • 1 local recommends