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Parks & nature in Valby

“Big public park, right next to Copenhagen Zoo. You can see the elephants from the park, for free. Ask me or anyone in the park for details.”
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“Ethical considerations regarding the concept of Zoos aside, Copenhagen Zoo comes across as one of the more conscious institutions, particularly due to their focus on animal welfare and natural stimulation of the animals. This is evident when viewing the large spaces the animals have to roam in and natural behavior exhibited by them, which is why we think it’s worth a visit.”
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“Between Valby and Frederiksberg you find Søndermarken – one of Copenhagen’s many parks offering space and beautiful nature. Here you find wild plants, long meadow-like grass and even owls in the old trees. The locals use Søndermarken for jogging, walking the dog or just strolling in the hilly and forest filled landscape. You can also visit the playground with your children or experience the cisterns that used to be water basins supplying clean water to the Copenhageners. ”
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“Magical exhibition space in old water reservoir in the middle of the park. ”
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“Take a walk around the lake and get a coffee and ice cream at cafeteria. This place is also well-suited for a run. The lake is around 4 km.”
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“The Zoo is always a must-see if you go to Copenhagen with children. Here the children can let go and look at all the animals they want. Lions, hippos, tigers, bears and other animals are exhibited here in the park. Price: 195,- for adults - 105,- for children between 3 - 11 years old. Opening Hours: January and February: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 16 March: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 17 April, May, June, July and August: Monday - Friday: 9 - 18 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 20 September: All days of the week: 9 - 18 October: All days of the week: 9 - 18 November: 1/11 - 14/11 (Mon - Fri): 10 - 16 1/11 - 14/11 (Sat - Sun): 9 - 16 15/11 - 30/11 (Mon - Thur): 10 - 16 15/11 - 30/11 (Fri - Sat - Sun): 9 - 20 December: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 -20 REMEMBER! December 24th: 9 - 14 December 25th: 9 - 16 December 26th: 9 - 16 December 27th: 9 - 20 December 28th: 9 - 20 December 29th: 9 - 20 December 30th: 9 - 20 December 31th: 9 - 14 ”
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“The Zoo has newly been renovated and innovated into combining animal enclosures to let them socialise to greater extent. Lions and Zebras are of course still separated, but the Lemurs roam free through their cages and can occasionally steal your ice cream. It's a very beautiful Zoo. ”
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“Swimmingpools are in close relation with the wellness facilities. You Can combine a fun Day with the kids with relaxation”
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“They have two small playgrounds in Søndermarken – the kind of playgrounds that works for athletics /runners as well as for kids. One just on the back skirts of the zoo, the other closer to Valby Bakke. And then the hidden bridge and lake behind Norske Hus, the Museum below the ground: Cisternerne, the paths and the hills. Just a fun park to spend time in and explore.”
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“Nature Playground Placed in the park Valbyparken in the Copenhagen outskirts there is a 20.000m2 nature playground where you will find outdoor challenges and playful experiences that can get your heart rate up. This nature playground is the largest in the country. The area consists of low hills dotted with paths and walking tracks. There is a village of willow houses surrounded by wattle fences, areas with wild flowers and sand, a snail-shaped earthwork leading to a great lookout point, climbing grounds, ropes etc. The entire area is enclosed by a footbridge connecting the five towers at an altitude of 0,5 metre above the ground. The idea behind the playground is to provide an alternative to the abundance of commercial amusement parks. The Valby Park in itself is always worth a visit. It boasts 17 circular theme gardens and a huge beautifully laid-out Rose Garden. ”
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“Det Kongelige Danske Haveselskab's (The Royal Danish Garden Company) garden is an inspiration garden of 14,000 square meters on Frederiksberg Runddel. The garen was established in 1882 by Det Kongelige Danske Haveselskab and is located next to Frederiksberg Have.”
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“This is the probably the best hidden secret in the city. You would never know its there - But now you do :)”
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“A big and beautiful park. Not to crowded and with many small secret corners.”
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“Childrens' animal farm with rabbits and horses. Called 'Børnenes Dyremark'. ”
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“Secret park to explore in the old Carlsberg area, now being turned around to office and living quarters.”
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