200 wellness experiences

Maui Goat Yoga with Miniature Goats
From Price:£29/person
Perfume Workshop-Create your fragrance
From Price:£55/person
Shamanic Journey in Sedona Vortex
From Price:£81/person
Yoga, Dinner & 360 View of Florence
From Price:£21/person
Amazing Walking Tours of Avalon
From Price:£50/person
Zipline canopy, swing & hot springs
From Price:£48/person
Pioneertown Sound Bath at INDIGOTOPIA
From Price:£37/person
Life-Changing Foot Reflexology!
From Price:£98/person
Tune In to Subtle Realms of Redwoods
From Price:£56/person
Morning Hour Experience, Mindful Running
From Price:£17/person
Surf Lessons, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
From Price:£42/person
In Depth Tarot Reading from an Oracle
From Price:£70/person
Prehispanic Shaman Renewal
From Price:£60/person
UFO Watch & Night Vision Goggle Tour
From Price:£55/person
Yoga with goats!
From Price:£15/person
Meditate with a Shaman
From Price:£50/person
Cow Cuddles !!! Bovine/Cow Therapy !!!
From Price:£55/person
Hike & Yoga with a View
From Price:£21/person
From Price:£96/person
Aerial Yoga on the Beach
From Price:£29/person