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Things to do in Wenshan District

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From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.
“ At just NT50/pp, the Zoo is fantastic and a great place to spend the afternoon! Don't miss the PANDAS!”
  • 20 locals recommend
Night Market
“There's a delicious and very famous Thai restaurant at this night market with great price, it's always full due too it's delicious and great variety menu. Gongguan night market itself has local food, western style food and two cinemas .”
  • 16 locals recommend
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Place to eat
“Shenkeng Old Street, where you can buy a ton of authentic Taiwanese souvenirs and local delicacies. The street is known for its Tofu variety dishes. Only 10 min taxi or uber ride (300 ntd). Recommend going time from Monday-Friday to avoid tourists-packed streets on weekends. 深坑老街可買到所有道地的台灣禮品以及美味佳餚. 老街最強的食物非豆腐莫屬, 有各式各樣的料理等著您品嚐. 只需要搭計程車十分鐘車程就可抵達(300車資). 建議於星期一至星期五去, 假日觀光客較多.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Great hiking in the mountain with amazing tea shops. Don't forget to take the gondola!”
  • 25 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“Very old-fashion village locates in a modern area, really intriguing to taste the changing of this city.”
  • 16 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“An indie music place in Taipei where young people are gathered, and they hold music concert periodically.”
  • 12 locals recommend
Night Market
“Many typical street food you can easily find there and is cheap , remember grab one beer with you !!”
  • 8 locals recommend
“For more great views, head to Maokong Mountain.. The mountain's gondola service starts at the Taipei Zoo, the largest zoological collection in Asia. As an important tea growing area, it’s also the place to learn the finer points of tea tasting and appreciation. Because higher terrain, Maokong is also very suitable to enjoy the night view. zoo stati”
  • 10 locals recommend
Cable Car
“Fun and exciting Cable cart to explore Taipei city view and tea houses. Popular tourist spot. ”
  • 4 locals recommend

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Cable Car
“Fun and exciting Cable cart to explore Taipei city view and tea houses. Popular tourist spot. ”
  • 4 locals recommend
“雖然離住的地方有點遠,但還是非常推薦。 從新店捷運站出發,做到七張站 轉到 小碧潭站 ,2號出口出站,面對大馬路往右邊走看到 7-11 旁的巷子轉進去往裡面走一會就到了。 ”
  • 4 locals recommend
  • 2 locals recommend

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