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Parks & nature in Zagreb

“One of the biggest parks in Zagreb. Has four lakes, cafes, restaurant and a zoo. Beautifull place to jog, read, walk, sit, spend the afternoon.”
141 locals recommend
Pedestrian Plaza
“Tkalčićeva Street is Zagreb main hub for cafes, restaurants and casual nightlife. Also known as Tkalča (Tkalcha), it features dozens of places where you will find something to your liking. Tkalčićeva is filled with life. Numerous boutiques, traditional shops, restaurants, cafes and outdoor events will fill your day. Once it was a stream that divided two oldest Zagreb settlements, Gradec and Kaptol. Because of contamination by all the shops, the stream was diverted. In the period 1899 to 1941, almost every house in Tkalčićeva street was a brothel. or this reason, Zagreb was the first city in Europe with the proper red light district. ”
122 locals recommend
“Bundek is a lake in Zagreb. It is located north of the Zapruđe and Središće neighborhoods. Bundek was renovated during 2005 to turn a badly maintained lake into a tourism and events center of Novi Zagreb.”
73 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“This glorious garden is home to over 10 000 plant species, numerous park benches, lily pads galore and ducks that quack. ”
37 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“Enjoy beautiful nature and fresh air at the doorstep of the Croatian capital Hike up to the highest peak Sljeme at 1033 m (3389 ft) and admire amazing views over Zagreb and the region of Zagorje on the other side”
42 locals recommend
Dog Run
“South of the city center is the Jarun lake also called "Zagreb Sea". With its cycle tracks, lakes for water sports and sports grounds for team sports, Jarun lake is the largest entertainment center in Zagreb. During the summer people swim in it.”
60 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“ A stroll down Strossmayer Promenade is important, not only for the view and perspective it provides, but also to allow you find out about one of the most important figures in Croatian history. Bishop of Djakovo, Slavonia, political party leader and founder of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, Strossmayer had a huge influence on events while Croatia was still a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. He used income from his episcopal estates to fund other important projects. His promenade was designed in the mid 19th century, named after him some years later.”
38 locals recommend
Flower Shop
“The best thing to do to stay awake after lunch is a slow walk among nature. Get down to the Lower Town and go explore an amazing park called Zrinjevac. One of the city’s most famous and prettiest parks is also among the top things to do in Zagreb. In the center of the park, you will find the 19th-century music pavilion surrounded by luscious greenery, several fountains and colorful flowerbeds. This architectural beauty also serves as an open-air concert stage during various music events, food festivals and art projects.”
20 locals recommend
“During the summer visit Art park, event in the heart of Ribnjak park. Enjoy music, nature and a cold beer or mojito!”
12 locals recommend
“Located right in the centre of Zagreb, this little park used to be a place to avoid. But, thanks to young, imaginative people, this park got a second chance. It has been transformed int an Art Park, where You can go to relax, explore or take part in various workshops and yoga or music sessions. Let Zagreb's Art Park bring out Your creative side!”
9 locals recommend
Hot Spring
“Lovely Tuškanac park-good for jogging, exercising, walking. Playground for kids also”
8 locals recommend
“It is a city park with benches and grill places that require a grill bar. There is an artificial lake for bathing and sunbathing. There are sanitary houses all around and two Kaffees. There is also ice-cream. ”
3 locals recommend
“This beautiful park with a 19th century metheorological station is a part of the famous Lenuzzi Horseshoe - a network of parks and gardens, a real green oasis in the heart of the city”
14 locals recommend
“King Tomislav Square and statue of King Tomislav -Built in 1892, the railway station building was designed by Hungarian architect Ferenc Pfaff, something of a specialist when it came to railway stations. Incorporating a mixture of Renaissance and Neo-classical elements, it is a fine addition to the parade of buildings that lies along the route of Lenuci’s Horseshoe. Travelers coming out of the railway station are confronted with one of the most beautiful views in Zagreb, which takes in the statue of King Tomislav, the Art Pavilion, the cathedral’s spires and the green slopes of Mount Medvednica in the distance. -A monument dedicated to Tomislav, Croatia’s first king, dominates the square carrying his name. ”
4 locals recommend
“Recently opened, this swimming pool complex has been awarded for its outstanding design. Currently the best place to go swimming in Zagreb. ”
4 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“Take a stroll around Strossmartre, a charming hub known for its artistic vibes and many hidden bars. During the summer months, this little alley has become a popular hangout place due to numerous concerts, food stalls, and art installations. If you have only limited time in Zagreb during the winter, the Square will enchant you with its bustling Christmas market and its delicious beverages, desserts, and events.”
4 locals recommend